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Suspended adjustable translucent panel


Installing a suspended adjustable translucent panel with LED backlight. TVeyes office. Fairfield, Connecticut

Date march 2014
Decor Object suspended adjustable translucent panel
Photo Print no
Project Size 18'
Project Time Frame 12 hours
Difficulty Level
Material Clipso Translucent 50%
Ceiling texture matt
Type of Track ceiling type
Lighting LED backlight

The "Shining UFO" interior design element was developed and assembled by NYCeiling, Inc. as a certified installer of Clipso Americas.

An 18 feet diameter light box is placed right above the meeting room and angled 15 degrees to the existing ceiling. The structure is framed with highly advanced Clipso aluminum profile, that makes such a big suspended translucent round panel very lightweight (only 80 lbs.) and rigid at the same time.

The profile system allows enough flexibility to change the angle and the height between the substrate and the suspended panel. Two layers of 50% translucency Clipso architectural fabric was used for even light spread from the LED strip light source located right behind the suspended panel.