The installation of a matte stretch material with photo printing of sky

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The installation of a matte stretch material with photo printing in House-Museum, Stockton, NJ.

Object Ceiling and walls, 3 429 sq. ft.
Print yes
Project value ---
Project time 7 days
Difficulty level
Material Architectural Textile (Germany)
Texture matte
Profile system PVC multipurpose
Lighting no

The first meeting with the designer of the project and NYCeiling, Inc. members was held in september of 2011.

The owner is a big fan of hunting; he decided to build a museum and put his trophies on display there. He traveled to many countries and took thousands of pictures, as a great reminder of glorious and unforgettable adventures.

The task that was given to the designer was to place the high resolution photographs on walls and ceilings. He found our company the most suitable for this task, as we use a unique technic and decorating Descor fabric material to transfer graphics on to, followed by a highly professional installation.

We have signed an agreement after meeting with the owner and the designer of the project at which we presented the samples of fabric and talked about its amazing features and advantages.

The time has come for walls and ceiling installation when the major construction works were completed. The images were received and we started to stitch them together into one theme, color correction and transitions between them.

After the digital variant was approved, we started the actual printing. The total footage was 3 429 sq.ft. and the largest panel was 16x39 ft. There is also a curve that is running along the side walls in which the lighting fixtures are installed.

The tension profile system is the first to be installed along walls and ceilings in any stretch ceiling installation process. We install the central panel and two others alongside, where the focal point is to put the image together.

As soon as the ceiling is ready we start tension of Descor material with the print "Snow mountains" on the front wall. Sidewalls are the final step of the project.