Warranty on stretch ceiling material

A 10-year manufacturer's warranty covers all material installed by NYCeiling, Inc.

Manufacturer's warranty guarantees the following:

  • Color of the canvas stays unchanged (does not fade)
  • Initial tension of the canvas remains the same ( +/- 2 inches at the lowest part, depending on ceiling’s sq. footage
  • Canvas keeps its shape and uniformity (no cracks, peals or folds) for the whole warranty period

There are several simple rules of thumb that protect you from invalidating the warranty on our stretch ceilings.

Keep temperature level at required level:

  • Fabric stretch ceiling: -58° F to 122° F (-50° C to +50° C)
  • Film stretch ceilings: 32° F to 122° F (0° C to +50° C)

Operational requirements:

  • Keep paints and aggressive liquids away from the canvas and track
  • Avoid contact with sharp objects
  • Do not use lamps more powerful than 40W as spotlights focused on film stretch ceilings
  • Do not install or mount additional lighting, ventilation, audio speakers, wiring hookups or other devices into the stretch ceiling material by yourself or with any help other than that of NYCeiling, Inc.
  • Do not use aggressive cleaning liquids for cleaning the canvas.

How to maintain stretch ceiling in the right manner?

In most cases, in order to wipe down the dirt from the canvas, it is enough to use a wet cloth, soaked in a soapy water (70-80 F) or a similar liquid. The dirt comes of easily after several moderate applications of a wet cloth. And after that, it is wiped with a dry soft cloth to return the canvas it's initial shininess.

To your attention!

  • The warranty service ends if you by yourself or with the help of third parties cut into or move any appliances and communications in the stretch ceiling, deinstall or repair the stretch ceiling.
  • In case of accidental damage ( cut, tear, flood, other accidents) please contact NYCeiling, Inc. customer service.
  • Wash the canvas with care, please apply a wet cloth softly, as you can damage the canvas by contacting it with the surface behind it.

For questions about warranties, please contact the NYCeiling, Inc using the contact details, or through the website.