Office ceiling Solutions

A trusted company must have an elegant and tasteful interior in it's office. It is known that every detail in a business should work and get the benefit to the company. The first impression on your client is vital and if you want to know ways to impress your clientele and make the interior of your office work for you, please read this article.

The majority of business owners still consider the maintenance of the working space or renovation of the office one of the largest spending costs in their financial calendar. Not only it is important to find a professional designer and contractor, deal with construction noises, garbage and omnipresent dust, but also the fact that during the whole renovation process the working place or an office is, most likely, disabled. For this reason speed is at the first priority, and floors and walls are fixed with no hesitation, but it is widely considered that ceilings may stay untouched.

Our company has been remodeling and renovating offices and working places for seven years and came to the conclusion that leaving the ceiling as is would be a misconception, that may hurt your business. We are providing 6 arguments in favor of a proper designed ceiling will work for you every day!

1. Stretch ceiling fast forwards renovation

The footage of your ceiling is irrelevant, weather it is 45 or 300 square feet. A stretch ceiling installation runs fast without any construction noise, dust and garbage. The installation may be performed without interference with the business hours.

You will have no need to stop the operation of your office for weeks or months, speaking about traditional materials. The process of installation will go off unnoticed and the new ceiling will complete your interior much faster.

2. Stretch ceilings raise the moral and loyalty of employees

Employees are very judgmental about the working place they stay most of their working time. Social research shows us, that employees tend to perform as twice more productive if they are satisfied with their working space.

One of the most discussed topics in the internet is "The office of your dream". Isn't it time to take most successful companies such as Google as an example?

Creation of a comfortable work space in a modern, well balanced and properly designed office allows you to attract and hire the most hard working, talented employees with high standards.

Even a million dollar campaign appealing for more effective and productive work by your employees will be a waste, compared to creating an image of a potentially the most perfect office, where only the most efficient and talented are selected to work at.

This step will make your reputation as an involved and care taking employer stronger than ever before. Social research resulted in an interesting result, that the visual height and a color of the ceiling improves or decreases a person's feeling of inspiration. Energetic ambience of a space is dependent on those two factors as well.

3. Stretch ceilings make office comfortable for work

The lighting is one of the most crucial aspects that affect a person's ability to work and determines for how long a person can comfortably stay in a room. Stretch ceiling system is friendly with all types of lighting fixtures, making the installation flawless and easy, time spent on the lighting installation with the stretch ceiling is up to 10 times faster than working with traditional materials.

The finish result exceeds all expectations, because all the communications are hidden behind the canvas in a matter of hours without any construction garbage, dust and noise. It is an amazing technology that general contractors love to work with. Integrated lighting fixtures for an ambient lighting, spotlights and pendant lamps for functional zones and precise zonal division, LED lighting for the creation of extraordinary light effects in combination with printable translucent stretch wall and ceiling coverings.

According to an architect and design company Gensler research: companies that choose an open space or a grid floor layout with low cabin walls, hoping that it's positive influence will energize the employees' efficiency, without taking into the consideration that concentration minimizes because of the disturbing noise level, that has a direct impact on an employee and as the result on his performance.

An office ambient noise is the reason number one for the concentration disturbance in an open space or a grid floor layout in offices. This problem is most relevant in office buildings with large office areas. Acoustic stretch ceilings has the best NRC on the market with all it's major advantages: 16 feet wide up to 164 feet long seamless smooth surface, high definition digital UV printing with a never seen before possibility to print any image or photo in any shape for an interior decoration. And all this is possible with 0.83 NRC and total thickness of 7/8 of an inch.

Your office constantly keeps 10-30 people, that requires once a decade maintenance. Stretch ceiling is a closed cell material that is why it does not absorb odors and does not absorb water. In other words, even the basic stretch ceiling is mold free, odorless, and keeps it's genuine uniformity during the whole exploitation period, which manufacturer guaranties to be at least 10 years. If the basic option is not enough, we have an antibacterial treated stretch ceilings, as the best option for schools, kindergartens, medical offices and other public places.

4. Stretch ceilings guarantee satisfaction of the highest customers demands.

Along with the technology development, the standard of customer satisfaction improves as well. Stretch architectural fabric and PVC film that NYCeiling, Inc. uses in many projects along with traditional materials have all necessary aspects to be the leading decorating material. It is A class fire rated, has NRC test report, eco-friendly, energy efficient and is one of the most rigid, long running decorating materials on the market.

General contractors choose stretch ceilings for the reason it is an unbelievably fast and efficient install. All communications, HVAC, sprinklers, speakers fits in a matter of minutes. For a major access one or the other side of the canvas can be removed and put back when it is needed.

5. Stretch ceilings is the most rigid decorating material in its category

The manufacturer has a 10 year warranty on the product. It is the guarantee of keeping uniformity of the material, there is no sagging or changing color during the time of exploitation.It becomes one of the most successful investments in reconstruction and renovation of residential or commercial buildings.

A simple construction of stretch ceilings system allows to change the canvas for a new color, printed design or do the acoustical treatment any time in the fastest way possible. As soon as the tracking system is set in the place, you can change the canvas up to 3 times without changing the tension system tracking. The same story goes with the walls. A complete change is possible within one day without any interference with your business hours.

6. Stretch ceilings attract new partners

Innovative ideas and materials always gained revenue. Your innovative approach in an office reconstruction will definitely raise loyalty of existing business partners and attract new ones. It is surprising what a big difference can make a unique and innovative ceiling that speaks for itself.

Using high definition digital printing on a wall or a ceiling in your office, allows you to create an ideal spot for an advertisement. Making a statement in a large scale means a lot to your employees and your clientele.

An emotional and extravagant approach in design can be supported by a 3D printed pattern on a translucent stretch ceiling, placed on a wall or a ceiling in your office. That would become a focal point in your interior that visitors remember forever.

Everything said above states, that a surface above your head is important. It is usually a black swan in your interior, that may bring more success to your business if treated properly.