With a plethora of luminous surface solutions at your fingertips, NY Ceiling simplifies the design process by offering a range of unique lighting options tailored to suit your needs and preferences.

From ambient lighting to mountable spotlights and much more, our luminous surface products bring any space to life and allow for architectural as well as design freedom. Our qualified team of expert installers work with you to produce an end result that will leave you stunned.

When it comes to your space, luminous lighting solutions can transform any room into one that is comforting and calming, exciting and riveting, or romantic and relaxed. The possibilities are endless, just like the design potential.


Cloud and canopy ceilings are a versatile solution for elegant yet affordable configurations which complement most any design while mitigating issues such as echo, lack of light, project time constraints.


Every space deserves a warm, inviting atmosphere; achieve just that (and so much more) with backlit ceilings and walls systems which combine light and design to create a stunning aesthetic that lends ambiance to virtually any atmosphere.

LINEAR Lighting

Light up your life with our innovative and modern linear lighting solutions that will elevate any space.