Color palette

In order to pick a color and ceiling texture (glossy, matte, satin), please use our catalogue and simple recommendations from our designers.

*need to know, that due to different human eye perception of color waves coming from a display and ceiling canvas, the color tone may be a tiny different.

How do I choose the right color for stretch ceilings?

1. Determine the purpose of the room

That will help you a lot in choosing the material type: either film or fabric base.

2. Is there a necessity to visually widen the space?

If the answer is "Yes" - than you definitely need a glossy film stretch ceiling ( lacquer, marble or chameleon). In case when you are satisfied with given sizes of room that you have, you can pick matte, satin.

3. A level of natural lighting of the room will give you an idea of a color tone of major palette

If there is not enough natural lighting coming into the room, and it stays in a shadow most of the day time, than it is preferable to pick light, bright, warm colors. And vice versa, in a room with lots of light you need to pick a cold tone ceilings.

Classic, unbeatable variant is plain white ceiling. That would suit any style, will give make room brighter if it lacks natural lighting, and its warm tones (pearl, creme, vanilla) would add softness and make a room cozy. The same color palette for walls and ceilings will brighten up the space and visually widen it, that may become a wonderful background for colorful interior parts and decorating in Scandinavian style.

4.Making a final decision for color scheme

The major recommendation from designers is to pick a color for the ceiling that way, so it repeats itself in other decorating pieces, furniture, curtains, flooring.

There is a fresh solution in combining drywall ceiling, painted in white, with stretch ceiling of any shape and color.

If you just cannot choose a color you need, there is a brilliant solution that we offer for you. A print of any style picture chosen from your gallery, our's or "shutter stock".