Fabric stretch ceiling with 3D print "Dark hole"

Installation of matte stretch ceiling Clipso with 3D print and LED backlight

Installation of matte stretch ceiling Clipso with 3D print and LED backlight. Private residence, Newton Street, Staten Island, New York USA

Decor Object ceiling, 63 sq. ft.
Photo Print yes
Project Value ----
Project Time Frame 2 days
Difficulty Level
Material Architectural Textile
Ceiling texture matt
Type Of Track PVC ceiling type
Lighting LED backlight

A client with a modern outlook, bright personality, experiment oriented mind gave us an idea of what he would like to see in his home theater.

We scratched our heads and offered several concepts. Eventually we ended up with a wonderful printable Swiss material Clipso fabric in combination with a very modern and popular LED strip lighting .

The picture was chosen from the data base of our previous projects. That was a 3D printable picture , with a tunnel-like theme. The simple white color LED strip was substituted with multi-color RGB LED strip controlled by a remote.

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  • Guest (Joseph)

    When I own a house, I want a ceiling just like that.

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  • Guest (Howard H.)

    Thanks for a great job in Connecticut.

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  • Guest (Rajat Aggarwal)


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  • Guest (Carolyn)

    This would be even cooler if it was the time vortex/wormhole. How much would something like that cost?

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