Matte stretch ceiling Descor Shimmer Descor

Fabric stretch ceiling with print in frame with shimmer effect

Installation of matte stretch ceiling Descor Shimmer Descor. Private residence, Fairlawn Loop Staten Island, New York USA.

Decor Object ceiling, 450 sq. ft.
Photo Print yes
Project Value ---
Project Time Frame 3 days
Difficulty Level
Material Architectural Textile
Ceiling texture matt, shimmer
Type Of Track PVC ceiling type
Contractor Zar Group, Inc.

After the ceiling examination, stains and other irregularities were discovered after it was flooded from above.

The main goal of this project was to hide any signs of flood, make it flat and leveled and to make a zonal separation of the living room. We used a printable material for this purpose.

The home owner chose the picture from one of our previous projects, but in this case, it was modernized by a frame , made with the same technology, but a different material texture with a shimmer effect .

We also did a wall renovation and repainted them.