Black glossy stretch ceiling in the kitchen

Restoration of black glossy stretch ceiling in the kitchen after Hurricane Sandy

Restoration of black glossy stretch ceiling in the kitchen. Private home, Hendrickson St Brooklyn, NY 11234

Decor Object ceiling restoration
Photo Print no
Project Value ---
Project Time Frame 1 hour
Difficulty Level
Material PVC
Ceiling texture glossy
Type Of Track aluminum
Lighting no

After the last hurricane Sandy, we received an urgent call from our client. Drywall debris with waters streams had collapsed on the stretch ceiling, but even haven't destroyed it - see photo.

In the center of the canvas you can see traces of debris falling from the top and water stains on the wall.

Arriving at the place and examining the damage, we got down to restoration of stretch ceiling . To remove the fallen debris, we temporarily dismantled nearest corner of fabric.

Our specialists investigated the back of the stretch ceiling with a flashlight, then they carefully removed the debris and wiped dry with a water . The corner of stretch fabric was installed again in 10 minutes .

As an added bonus for the this client, NYCeiling inc. cleanead the ceiling to a glossy shine . So, within 1 hour, the stretch ceiling was looked like new with ideal surface .