Glossy stretch ceiling color of kitchen cabinets

Installation of glossy stretch ceiling in the kitchen

Installation of glossy stretch ceiling in the kitchen. Private home, Avenue X & E 18th St, Brooklyn, NY

Decor Object ceiling, 118 sq. ft.
Photo Print no
Project Value $8.00/sq. ft.
Project Time Frame 2 days
Difficulty Level
Material PVC (France)
Ceiling texture glossy
Type Of Track PVC wall type

We selected glossy stretch ceiling for this project because it has a number of advantages in front of other decorating materials for kitchen ceiling renovation:

  • Eco-friendliness and sustainability - fast and clean installation as well as maintenance free exploitation.
  • Static free - does not accumulate dust.
  • Mold free - there is no mold growth on the ceiling, as well as no condensate.
  • Glossy surface - visually expands kitchen space.

A perfect texture match of the glossy ceiling with kitchen cabinets.

There was an interesting technical installation detail on this project, because there were cabinets along the perimeter of the kitchen, that required the use of special spatulas with longer handles.

There was another moment in taking a decision on the masking tape color. There are two standard colors, black and white, any custom color makes the price boost. Eventually, we stopped on white , which turned out to be the best decision. It harmoniously fit the ceiling and walls connecting point.

The installation took two working days . For the first day we installed the tracking system , the second day we did installation of the canvas and light fixtures.