Portfolio - Hall

Hallway zones, corridors and halls take the least attention during a home or apartment renovation. Meanwhile, their space decoration requires a powerful imaginative impulse, a carefully and thoughtfully created design: these rooms have no natural lighting, limited in space and are of uncommon shapes in most cases. For these only few reasons stretch ceilings is the most suitable solution in their renovation.

First of all , there are no difficulties in installation process of stretch ceilings, disregard their small space and non-standard shapes: narrow pass way, second lighting, low height ceiling or uneven, with a rectangle ceiling - hall and corridors may be different. Second of all , there is a possibility to install an unlimited amount of lighting fixtures, like spotlights, create the translucent ceiling, where the whole surface is the light source, installation of a glossy film that reflects light and makes the space brighter and visually wider. Third of all , the material is mold free and high and low temperature resistant: any time opening the door, you let the cold air in, but it won't affect the material. It remains stable for at least 10 years.

Fourth of all, any print that can be placed on a ceiling or a wall, will provoke positive feedback and emotional, uplifting mood in your house's guests, and will positively affect you every day.