Multilevel glossy stretch ceiling "Starry sky"

The installation of a multilevel glossy stretch ceiling "Starry sky" with Swarovski crystals and LED RGB lighting

The installation of a multilevel glossy stretch ceiling "Starry sky" with Swarovski crystals and LED RGB lighting. East 18th street, Brooklyn, NY.

Object Ceiling footage, 243 sq.ft.
Print no
Project value ---
Project time ---
Difficulty level
Material Film (France)
Texture Glossy
Profile system Ceiling type
Lighting LED RGB, Swarovski crystals

Concept and interior design development is the first step of any project. We used one of the ideas from our portfolio with some distinct improvements and new features - Swarovski 25 crystal system and LED RGB lighting .

We used high contrast colors for the room zoning: black and white glossy textured ceilings.

This is a standard size bedroom of a square shape. The major target for this project was to zone the space, so the bed seemed to be separated from the rest of the room. We also wanted to keep a clean and airy look. That is why we made the suspended ceiling right on top of the bed and exactly the same size .

The advantage of this glossy material is that it makes the space visually bigger and the border, where two contrasting colors of a suspended and the major ceiling meet, looks smooth.

This amount of lighting requires a lot space for communications, which was hidden partially in the suspended frame and all of it was covered by perfectly flat glossy surface of the stretch ceiling.

What looks so amazing requires much work on it. It starts with doing measurements, building frame, attaching it to the main ceiling, than taking precise measurements of the stretch ceiling, building its model in a software and its custom manufacture in Europe, doing lighting design. All crystals are connected to one transformer as well as the LED strip that goes along the perimeter of the suspended ceiling. It is controlled by a remote and has 4 colors ; each of them creates its own unforgettable ambience

The film is fixed into profile system, first goes the suspended panel and the rest space is covered by white glossy ceiling afterwards .

"Before" и "After"

When the ceilings are installed, the molding is fastened and LED strip runs behind it and gives soft ambient light on the merge border.