Complete repair in the bathroom with the installation of glossy stretch ceiling

Installation of solid color glossy stretch ceiling in the bathroom.

2740 Cropsey Ave Brooklyn, New York 11214.

Decor Object bathroom
Photo Print no
Project Value ---
Project Time Frame 1 day
Difficulty Level
Material PVC (France)
Ceiling texture glossy
Type Of Track PVC wall type

We made a choice of a solid color glossy stretch ceiling due to customer's decision of classic interior design in the bathroom.

The main ceiling was expected on the possibility of later plaster and old paint falling on stretch ceiling. It seemed fine and safe. This testing procedure is very important and can not be ignored.

We spent one day on the installation of the stretch in this bathroom.

Good communication is the key. It made me easy to plan other contractors work. The phone calls were always answered and text messages returned.

The professional work ethics exceeded the expectations. Your tools were always clean and neatly stored in one place not to obstruct the work of others.

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