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Matte stretch ceiling with 3D print "Dark hole" and LED backlight in home theater

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Installation of matte stretch ceiling Descor with 3D print and LED backlight. Private residence Burr Ridge, Illinois USA.

Date  November 2012
Designer Steve Eckdahl
Decor Object walls and ceiling, 216 sq. ft.
Photo Print yes
Project Value ---
Project Time Frame 8 hours
Difficulty Level
Material Architectural Textile
Ceiling texture matte
Type of Track PVC wall and ceiling type
Lighting LED backlight

Designer and architect Steve Eckdahl was a project manager.

The main goal of this project was the space design improvement by adding original lighting and 3D images to ceiling material, which also can improve the acoustic properties of the room - home theater



Stretch ceiling from NYCeiling, Inc. uses the unique technology, that meet all requirements of the project manager, designer Steve Eckdahl.

To create a luxury home theater interior, strictly observing all building rules and regulations with regard to the principles of aesthetics, it was a challenge to us. And we have found a solution!

From left to right: Alexander Laptseu, President of NYCeiling, Inc., and Steve Eckdahl, Designer and Architect of the project

NYCeiling, Inc. with cooperation of Steve Eckdahl have implemented several creative ideas that are emphasizing the exclusivity of the room.

The first stage is:

  • establishment of a common concept of style (choice of suitable images from our photo database),
  • arrangement of parts to each other, to combine them at specific space and the plane,
  • election of materials and technology.

Second stage is installation of stretch ceilings.

At the final stage we got an eco-friendly space solution, which combines aesthetics, comfort, as well as functional requirements.

Uniqueness is the main advantage of the project. This interior concept for people with their own hobbies and passions was designed by Steve Eckdahl - a designer and architect who envisioned and implemented the manifestation of their personality.

A cozy and relaxing place for this family to spend their time.