The Richard Taittinger Gallery

Installation of white translucent stretch ceiling at the "The Richard Taittinger Gallery"


Translucent stretch ceiling in the "Richard Taittinger Gallery". 154 Ludlow Street New York, NY 10002

Date May 2015
Decor Object Translucent stretch ceiling
Photo Print no
Project Size 200 sq. ft
Project Time Frame 1 day
Difficulty Level
Ceiling texture translucent
Type of Track wall type
Lighting LED backlight
Material Mainstay

Minimalism, clean lines, evenly spread light in the niche comfortably fits into the interior design concept of "The Richard Taittinger Gallery".

Projects of this kind are born due to synergy of the best designers of NYC and NYceiling, Inc.

The only goal of NYCeiling team is in reaching the perfection.

Cleveland Museum of Art

Installation of white matt translucent stretch ceiling at the exhibition space. Artist: Liu Wei, Invisible Cities features both.