Harley Davidson showroom

Suspended panels installation. Harley Davidson showroom in Manhattan. 378 Broadway NY, NY 100013

DateNovember 2013
Decor ObjectSuspended panels, 700 sq. ft.
Photo Printno
Size28’ x 11’
Project Time Frame16 hours
Difficulty Level
Ceiling texturehigh gloss
Type of Trackceiling type

The new Harley-Davidson of NYC will be a flagship downtown/Soho location for the classic American motorcyle company. Within this urban context, the space aims to reintroduce the brand to a new audience, appealing to New Yorkers and visitors alike.

The two level space will contain a selection of bikes with an emphasis on vintage customs and lighter sportier models more appropriate for city rides.

Interactive experiences include a bike customization station, tour mapping and ride simulations. Lounges and a coffee bar aim to provide for a low pressure sales environment allowing visitors to familiarize themselves with the updated brand at their own pace.