Portfolio - Corporate&Executive Offices

Time is money. Office renovation shouldn’t take long. We’ve got the solution: fix all the imperfections of an old ceiling or build a brand new one with a bold new look using a state-of-the-art technology—stretch ceilings. The job can be done without moving any furniture or office appliances — and that’s not the only advantage! Brighten up your office with a glossy ceiling that reflects up to 70% of the ambient light.

Printing the logo or slogan of your company on a ceiling or walls fosters corporate identity, and a bright color scheme kindles an energetic and effective work atmosphere.

Stretch ceilings are practical. Their look can correlate with the other interior elements of your office and enhance your company’s status in the eyes of your clients and partners. Color, style, a clean look and a perfectly smooth surface are the little details that will keep your visitors coming back. A 10-year warranty is provided to all of NYCeiling, Inc.’s corporate clients.

Kohl office

NYCeiling installers assemble suspended panels, that will carry stretch material

Halo Group office

A yellow hidden accent lighting fixture is used in "Halo Group" reception hall