Portfolio - Entertainment&Hospitality Facilities

The décor in hospitality premises must live up to strict standards. Every surface, from ceiling to floor, has to maintain a fresh appearance in the face of a constant onslaught of guests and customers.

Durable for the long haul, adhering to all sanitation requirements, versatile enough for any design concept and virtually maintenance-free: these are the properties of stretch ceilings.

NYCeiling, Inc. offers you a technology that has several clear advantages. A beautiful, safe, economical and maintenance free material that can be removed or replaced in a matter of hours. Installation and reinstallation may take less than a day.

If you follow modern design trends or like to change up the atmosphere in your lobby, casino, cafe or bar, then stretch ceilings can become the trump card that helps you beat the competition and attract and retain a loyal clientele.

А 10-year warranty is provided to all of NYCeiling, Inc.’s corporate clients.