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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

This article cites the answers by our specialists to the most popular and non-standard questions they have been asked by the clients.

To answer this question we have made the following benchmarking table:

Location Stretched ceiling Whited ceiling False ceiling
Room type Any habitable and non-residential premises. Rooms of high sanitary safety requirements. Any habitable rooms; there are limitations on applying in non-residential premises. Rarely used in habitable rooms; there are limitations on applying in non-residential premises.
Assortment variety Variety of color solutions, shapes, textures, materials Variety of color solutions and textures Variety of color solutions and textures
Extra costs and maintenance No Flattening of flux, painting Flattening of flux
Eco-friendliness (at all stages of material manufacturing and consumption)


No No
Preliminary ceiling preparation Does not require preparatory work Requires preparatory work Does not require preparatory work
Installation peculiarities Annoyance free Dust, dirt, construction waste, moving furniture out Dust, construction waste
Room insulation after installation Not required Required Not required
Installation time 4 hours and more 1-2 days 3-7 days
Durability 35 years 2 years 5 years
Warranty 10 years 1 year 1 year
Acoustic and thermal insulation Contributes to Does not contribute to Contributes partially
Maintenance to ensure original esthetics Not required, practically Required periodically: cracks, mold, fungus, plaster curling may occur Required periodically: gaps, shedding, discoloration, dusting may occur
Water resistance Does not condensate moisture Not available Condensates moisture
Temperature requirements Stands temperature drops: -25°С to + 40°С Cannot stand temperature drops -
Protection from water escapes Holds up to 100 l/m2 Not available Not available
Fireproof properties Does not sustain combustion Does not sustain combustion Sustains combustion
Possibility to amend ceiling geometry Yes No Yes, partially

The difference is vivid, and it is huge! Stretched ceilings are more practical to use, they stand temperature drops better, they are environment friendly, their installation does not require any preparations of the site, installation is fast, without dust, noise and waste, which means you will not be disturbed, and that is the most important thing for us.

At that, their price justifies their quality, and this price is better than the analyzed substitutes.

Selecting the color of the ceiling depends on the type and purpose of the room, its style and luminance.

The classic safe choice is a white color. It fits to any style, it will bring more light to the rooms with poor natural luminance, and its warm shades (creamy, ivory, pearl) will make it soft and cozy.

Violent colors are selected for the ceilings to decorate interiors of the buildings with hectic business life: business centers, presentation and gambling halls in casinos, night clubs, restaurants, retail, and entertainment facilities. Bright ceiling colors can be applied in residential areas: mainly in the dining rooms, bathrooms, halls, and kitchens.

Leisure areas should have non-aggressive, pastel shades; however, there is always a chance for exclusions.

Anyway, we would recommend you to study our full catalog of colors and textures, and read recommendations by our designers: “How to select the stretched ceiling color?".

Yes, of course! Thanks to photoprint, the ceiling fabric can carry the picture of any color and saturation.

Please see popular photoprint templates.

There is one thing, which is important: the computer file of the image you found to have its resolution good enough for the planned printed area. Ideal specifications of the image file are as follows: size — 3,000 x 3,000 pixel (px) or better, resolution — 300 dots per inch (dpi).

In fact, you can use our collection of pictures to search for photoprinting ideas or take a look at the already implemented projects.

Development of the ceiling design project and its 3D visualization take 2 to 14 days on the average depending on the difficulty of the planned project and the size of the room.

First, we measure the room and make pictures of it; then we clarify the customer’s preferences regarding design (our clients usually choose their design in our FB gallery).

After that, our designer makes a sketch drawing by pencil. Once approved, we do the 3D model of the room; the number of the viewing angles is agreed in advance and it is price-affective.

You can order development of your design project and its 3D visualization right now!

We ask for 50 percent advance payment. The rest amount is paid upon execution, after the ceiling is mounted.

Stretched ceilings made from the PVC film (film stretched ceilings) cannot be painted. Alas, if the ceiling color has to be changed, then the entire fabric must be replaced. You should treat it like replacing wallpaper. Your bargain: in case you replace the ceiling installed by our company before, your price will be much lower than the initial stretched ceiling installation price.

The fabric-backed ceiling can be painted up to 10 times. However, we do not recommend doing it yourself: you’d better rely on professionals.

NYCeiling, Inc. will gladly help you find a new color solution for your ceiling!

The fabric of the stretched ceiling can get damaged by any sharp or cutting tool, and also by abrasive and aggressive cleaning substances containing acetone, kerosene and various solvents.

If you damaged the fabric, do not worry. You should fix the scar by a scotch-tape or an insulating tape (to stop the stretched ceiling from developing its wound) and send for our specialist. After fabric damage assessment, our employee will offer you suitable repair options.

E.g., if the cut is small (1-3 centimeters long), the fabric can be protected from further rupturing by over tightening (if the rupture is close to the line of the fixing profile) or by placing the blow-out patch.

In fact, stretched ceilings do not need to be looked after, because this textile does not accumulate frictional electricity to attract dust, and water is not condensed on top of it.

However, if the fabric stretched ceiling gets dirty, then these spots can be washed by a soft cloth soaked in warm soap solution.

If you have a film stretched ceiling, markings can also be washed out by a soft cloth soaked in warm soap solution or a 10 percent ammonia solution followed by polishing (dry cloth or flannel swap) to make the surface glitter again.

Despite durability and wear resistance of the material, you should avoid using any sharp or cutting tools, abrasives, aggressive washing substances containing acetone, kerosene and various solvents.

We urge you to study our terms and conditions of warranty and our stretched ceiling care recommendations.

Installation of the stretched ceiling will lower your ceiling level by 3-4 centimeters at most. However, a lot depends on the parameters of the raw surface and your requirements. Thus, if the ceiling is to be absolutely flat and horizontal in a room with outstanding height discontinuities, it may require the stretched ceiling to be positioned lower than usual.

On the other hand, stretched ceilings make it possible to consider height alterations of the ceiling and the number of angles of its surface or create new shapes thus increasing the space of the room.

To find out the way how to play your space with the stretched ceiling you can contact our designers to develop your individual project.

It is possible to combine any type of illumination with the stretched ceilings; moreover, the stretched ceiling itself can become the source of light.

Please read more about stretched ceiling illumination options in our article “Light installation".

Our company delivers turn-key stretched ceiling installation services and offers consultations on light installations.

Our company delivers turn-key stretched ceiling installation services and offers consultations on light installations.

In most cases, it is not necessary to clean the ceiling surface from old finish materials. For example, it is enough to “open” plaster where cracks are seen, and remove the parts that can fall down. In any case, the surface should be treated with the deep penetration acrylic primer before installation.

NYCeiling, Inc. delivers a full complex of such services as stretched ceiling installation and turn-key remodeling.

Phone calls carrying these two questions happen very often in our office. That’s why it is time for us to offer you some interesting and useful information from our article. NYCeiling, Inc. does not remove “popcorn” ceilings, but we make them disappear! Simply call us and we will solve your issue.

One of the most ecological decorating materials for commercial and residential interiors for the moment is a stretch ceiling system. Along with this, this system gives big possibilities in any interior decorating style for a reasonable price.