What is it like to be a designer?

Our company came to a conclusion, that designers experience difficulties with every project they work on, no matter how much prep work was done prior to the actual realization of it. These difficulties are normal, because there are so many materials and techniques involved, that should sound together. As the result many projects do not come out just the way they were planned.

Retro style - everything we forget, comes back again

Nostalgia for an epoch of certain interior decorating techniques is what we call Retro style sometimes. But is it? How this style is different from other decorating styles, when it emerged, what is it's gem and what are the ways to bring it back home? Let's find out together.

How to change the interior space without moving walls in one day?

Just imagine... You invite your friends into a newly decorated home for a movie or a party, where they are able to appreciate your idea of a new decor of the living space. The idea that changed your space so fast, the idea that became a reflection of your individuality. And what is really amazing, that you didn't move walls, but made such a vivid change just in one day.

Minimalist style in interior design

Minimalism takes first place nowadays in the world of interior design, architecture and art. Despite its popularity, a proper minimalist design, with its simple forms and elegant lines, is hard to achieve. Minimalistic design is strict and demands a perfect sense of style and balance. If your goal is to create a well-balanced and absolutely functional minimalistic design, you have to read this article..

2013 trends in interior design of restaurants and cafes

"Florian" cafe is one of the oldest, well known and tremendously expensive in Venice. They never changed it's exquisite outside decor and interior since 1858. There are places in NYC that have been serving visitors and citizen since 19 century and are still famous for their delicious menu and authentic decor. Meanwhile, most places change their appearance each year or two. NYC is a megapolis where everything moves and changes, and new yorkers pay for it. This smart marketing move is beneficial for business owners, that keep up with the fast and constantly changing city of modern creative ideas. This article is for those who keep up with new trends and planning to modernize or open a new business with a creative design.

Country decorating style

One of the most attractive characteristics of country style is that it's interiors bloom with families history. They speak on behalf of the inhabitants about their mood, character, tastes and about simplicity of life in country.

How to create comfort in your basement with using only eco-materials?

The reason for organizing space in a basement for a gym, play room, storage, home theaters, billiards rooms based on a rational desire of homeowners to use the maximum of the space they own. To succeed in this you have to overcome several obstacles by choosing the correct lighting design, use proper decorating materials and get rid of humidity for good. Basement is one of the most challenging spaces to decorate and organize in your house, due to lower ceilings, lack of natural lighting and humidity.

Protect your business from noise and make it sound!

"To attract and hold clientele - create an ambience". This rule is common for every restaurant owner, SPA center, retail store or a lounge owner. Every detail is considered with a sharp precision: outside and inside interior, air conditioning, furniture, lighting, staff uniform and with no doubts - sound insulation. Only ear friendly sound is considered to be appropriate: background music, live performance or speech. This is where we are facing two issues.

Ceiling with Swarovski crystals

We all want to posses a starry sky. We want it even more if it is pierced with Searovski crystals. We would like to tell you right now about amazing changes that can take place at your home for only two days, and stay for a long time delivering to you esthetic pleasure. We will take as a bright example one of our projects.

PhotoPrinting: House-Museum

If all our memories stayed as bright and vivid as a present moment, there would be no need in assembling family albums, record video and save it for our future, where we can share the moments with our family and friends. That would be great! All mobile storage devices wouldn't be in such a demand.