Spirit of France in the same style (part 2)

We continue the story of how to create an interior in the Provence style.


"Aged" wooden furniture with history is a mandatory attribute of the Provence style. And this can be a good save by buying all the furniture in walnut, chestnut or oak at a flea market or antique shops: chests of drawers, cupboards, benches, chairs, chests, suspended shelves, massive bed with carved headboard, round or oval dining table, etc.

As for color, there are no restrictions - you can repaint all the furniture in white or leave natural color of wood.

In addition to the core set of furniture, you can buy wicker or forged furniture: coffee table, rocking chair. To add a romantic mood, you can choose furniture with carved openwork patterns, or put them yourselves with paint.

Textile for Provence style

One of the key elements of the Provence style is the use of handmade textiles in the interior: embroidered tablecloths, crocheted napkins, worn cushions on the couch, colorful woven rugs and blankets covered by floral pattern.

By the way, floral and plant motifs are often found in the form of drawings, embroidery, ornaments and prints on fabrics. As companions, you can select striped and plain natural fabrics (linen, cotton).

Window curtains usually do not have complex draperies, but, they are usually decorated with beautiful patterns.

Textiles in a Provencal interior are the focus, so do not be shy of their colors: choose bright colors and shades and you'll be surprised how easy it can be to make the home interior cozy and comfortable.


The interior in the Provence style is warm and bright! Therefore it is very important that the living space is sufficiently illuminated and natural lighting - windows from floor to ceiling are the main link here.

If there are no large windows – do not use heavy fabric to decorate them. Pick a light weightless tulle with small floral pattern - and on a sunny day the light will be free to fill completely the space of the room!

If you are lucky owner of French windows – you can safely decorate them with textiles draped with a colorful pattern, but, as in the first case, it is better to choose light and thin tulle.

As artificial light sources you can use massive crystal chandeliers, elegant wrought-iron lamps and candle holders painted white.

Decoration style Provence

The interior in the Provence style, like no other style of interior design involves careful thinking through every detail: from the porcelain knickknacks on a shelf to wrought chandeliers in the living room.

Pillows with embroidered pillowcases, pottery with rural motifs, antique chairs, porcelain vases, woven baskets, candle holders, wooden frames, embroidered linen napkins ...

And do not forget the mandatory attribute - fresh flowers: roses, alfalfa, lavender and others. Pots can be arranged around the house or apartment on window sills, bedside tables, on the floor or tables. The abundance of green and bright colors animates the interior, and brings freshness, joy and pleasant hassle of plants to your life.

By the way, the abundance of forged elements painted in white or black is a distinctive feature of Provencal interiors. This can be forged headboard, chairs, clothes hangers, pots for flowers or picture frames.

The ceiling in the Provence style

The ceiling in the interior style of Provence should always be bright. But some decoration in the form of a wooden beam in dark color is allowed.

This design solution is used for the "game of contrasts" and, by the way, it is possible to implement it with printing on stretched ceiling.

The fact is that the suspended ceiling do not require time and effort to maintain it in a tidy manner. And its installation is performed without noise and dust.

For whom this style is addressed?

Of course, this simple and close to nature style appeals to those who do not accept the empty splendor and luxury, but dreams to plunge into the pleasant atmosphere of the village measured life.

By this token, if you measure the interior style by financial opportunities, as opposed to the Empire, Art Deco, and even minimalist style, the Provence style can be created with "any purse". It can be both luxurious and simple, but with a soul.

This style fits good for decoration not only of country houses, but also of city apartments. Bedroom, kitchen or dining room created in the style of "French Country" will be filled with romantic atmosphere and light Mediterranean sun at any time of the year!

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