American Style

Do it really exist? Is it possible to isolate it among the other interior styles? Disputes over the American style still persist. Determination is a waste of time. Now let's do something useful! In this article we will will try to explain how to create a truly modern American interior in your own home fast, cheap and easy!

American style today is perhaps the simpliest and relatively inexpensive way to make your dwelling cozy and homely. The interior in this style is perfect for people who aspire first of all to practicality and to new technologies. Especially when new equipment is installed in the kitchen, for example, which helps us greatly facilitate and automate our drab existence.

History of style

Rumors are that American style raise somewhere in the 17th century as result of the migration of Europeans to America. Together with their belongings and hopes for a brighter future, immigrants brought their traditions. Therefore, the American interior is a mixture of the best elements from different interior styles which colonists wanted to take from their old life.

Nonetheless the American style has the most similarities with the English style interior (just because British colonists were the first Europeans who settled in North America).

Constants of American style

It's curious that the most characteristic feature of the American style, it's not the color or shape, nor even decoration materials. It is living space design. Free planning!

Complete absence of walls separating rooms, especially between the kitchen and the hall. Studios are usual and very popular kind of apartment layout in the US. In addition, very often kitchen is separated from the other rooms by bar/ breakfast rack only. By the way, exactly this approach create some atmosphere for relaxation for friends and guests and reduce bills for electricity.

Decor at minimum and light at maximum - this duo is very important to create a pragmatic, most comfortable and cozy American style interior.

Floor and walls in the American style interior

For home, cottage or apartment decoration in American style it is desirable to use natural materials.

In the living room, for example, you can put wood or parquet flooring in dark colors. You can buy laminate or carpet floors for your bedroom.

Many designers recommend for walls the usage of plaster or paint. Usually walls are painted in light and not bright colors, but sometimes you can use wallpapers, which in this case should be as simple as possible, without intricate patterns and complex textures.

Colours for American style interior

It should be noted, that there are no specific color combinations that are used to create an interior in the American style.

You can use any colours, tones and contrasts - all the colors of the spectrum can be mixed in these spaces. As a rule, decorators and designers base their choice of color for a particular interior on strict adherence to color theory. And they are right, as you can see, it allows them to create really delightful interiors.

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