Passage to the garden

Probably everyone who has small or large city apartments, at some point want to "drop everything" and run into the arms of nature. To the lake or the river, in the rocks or in the mountains, the desert or tropical forests. А thought comes involuntarily: are you really comfortable in our rooms? Is it possible to make such a comfortable space to live without the desire to escape?

Thus, the problem we face seems to touch the impossible: to make the nature very, very close, in each room or at least one room. So how to proceed?

1. Free up space

Conduct a simple experiment. I'm sure the results will surprise you greatly. Within a week or a month (or year, if you have enough patience) observe which things do you use and which you don't? Think about it even for a second, does that make you happy the possession of all these things is certainly useful if you remember about the existence of some of them only when you're up to spring cleaning? Once again, the place is not enough, you buy a new wardrobe or shelves, piling and continuing to pile up...

So, back to the experiment: throw or give all that you do not need for a dedicated experiment period. And free up space in your living volume for nature.

2. What is the nature for you?

Of course, everyone will try to reach at least not to the entire nature at once, but to his favorite part.

Someone just loves old overgrown gardens, somebody likes to hear the sound of the surf, someone adores the horse trekking through rugged terrains, someone always dreamed of waking up in the jungle and fall asleep under the endless starry sky. We are all different. And we love different things.

Just when you bring the joy of contemplation, admiring something or being in a particular environment - move this piece to your city apartments. Now this does not make you any labor, only some expenses and desire! Although the second, in our opinion, much more important.

3. Changing views

We have for you a very simple solution, starting from which you will easily understand where to go and what you eventually want to create.

  1. Choose from the many photos of landscapes, the one that you prefer.
  2. Call our company using our contacts or contact us via the website's inquiry form.
  3. Our staff will print your selected image on stretched canvas, which can be set (depending on the photo scenery) on the wall, on the ceiling or on both at once.
  4. We will produce quick and clean installation.


And you'll be amazed how your interior will be "a piece" of your favorite nature! It is not a parody, it will be a good imitation. Now it remains for small: choose furniture (if you do want to put it), lighting, sound, and accessories. And voila!

You do not know where to start? Our designers will help you create a "piece of nature" in your apartment in just a few days!