Easier than you can imagine

As someone great said - "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". Today we decided to remind you once again of all the advantages of a simple white ceiling.

White is always in fashion, and out of style

Whichever interior style you choose for your apartment we can certainly pretend that white ceiling conveniently fit into any design concept!

White is the perfect background for something bright, unusual or new. White will be a successful party to any color. It's easy to pick up finishing materials and furniture for a white.

The interior where white plays a key role never goes out of fashion: it is cozy, fresh, sunny, spacious and comfortable! It's always easy to choose a lamp or chandelier to be companion with the white stretch ceilings. This kind of ceiling is serviceable. Did you know that dirt, dust and bumps are much more noticeable on surfaces in other colors than white.

You just need to see some of our projects:

40 shades of white

Despite the fact that in our understanding "white" - this is a single color, it has a lot of shades! And the variety of stretch canvases is due also to the presence of different textures: matte, transparent, glossy, imitating a fabric, etc. By this way the same stretch ceiling is white, but, for example, with a different texture - will always look a bit different.

So you will be surprised if you choose white - you will have a variety of its shades and textures to make your choice.

White color "produces" light

The amazing ability of white is to reflect light which makes the white unique color in the color spectrum! Exactly this factor can always be advantageous to use for your interior.

White will make the room lighter under natural light. White will help to visually make the space more spacious: "push the walls," "raise the ceiling". White will make the room clean - not just because other colors are well seen on it, but rather the opposite - small inclusions, small litters will be less noticeable than, for example, on a gray or dark room.

White adds a sense of freshness and spaciousness - somebody says about these areas that here "man breathes easier"!

In addition, if you have a white stretch ceilings, so any lamp or chandelier will illuminate the room better, because artificial light is reflected by the white as good as natural!

White stretch ceiling - the most affordable

And lastly, one of the important criteria in the selection of the method of decorating the ceiling - the price. White stretched canvas are really cheaper than their colored analogues or ceilings with photo printing. And when you order large works for large spaces, you can save impressive money.

Summing up all four advantages we can deduct, that white color for a stretch ceiling is a simple and ingenious solution that is affordable and is able to decorate the interior of any style!