Problematic ceilings

If you believe that the non-standard form of the ceiling - it's a problem, we can easily convince you to the opposite! After all, the "cons" of your ceiling can become the starting point for the new design concept of the whole interior! Seems unbelievable? Then read up our article to the end!

Now we will try to describe briefly and quickly common problems of ceilings, solutions for which we have already found.

The ceiling is low

If your ceiling is less than 2.5 meters – it’s not a condemnation! We certainly do not suggest that you deal with a complex construction renovation to increase its height, even if this might be the case. We want to attract your attention to another aspect. The fact is that humans perceive space subjectively, basing their opinions mostly on the information received by means of eyesight. And the eye can be easily cheated!

White stretched canvas with mirror effect will deal with this task better than a mirror! And most important thing – if you want the ceiling rise, you do not have to spend all your savings.

The ceiling on the roof

Construction of the attic - it's not as simple as it might seem at first glance. First and foremost, because the walls and ceiling in this room are the roof of the house. And the thermal insulation of the roof and the construction of skylights will significantly increase the cost and reduce the usable space when we are trying to hide something unusable.

But we can find a solution even for cases like this! Who said that the ceiling in the attic must be horizontal? Leave it as it is! And you will be surprised how bright and spacious the room will become, because there’s no difference for the stretch ceilings of the slope’s angle. And with photographic techniques and the use of texture effect you can get amazing results!

The ceiling is uneven

This problem seems to appear to virtually all new settlers: you come and you look and feel that whether the wall is inclined, whether one ceiling corner is lower than in the other three. The question of the alignment of the ceiling with a slope will be costly, but you can take advantage from this situation.

The first option: flat-leveled stretched ceiling, and the "free space" helps to hide wiring and fixtures.

The second option: the stretched canvas is installed in parallel to the slope of the ceiling and make it the focus of the interior! See example!

The third option: to hide irregularities under the ceiling of an unusual multi-level form.

Ceiling of an irregular geometrical shape

If the room and the ceiling, respectively, do not have the standard four corners, and a square or a rectangle, you also have the opportunity to take custom design course.

These split-level ceilings allow you to highlight areas in the interior and to change it beyond recognition.

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