Make a stylish ceiling: mission is possible

For all those who are just now thinking about how to renovate your ceiling following the trends of 2015, we wrote an overview of the most striking ideas for renovation in our opinion! Let's start.

Color, shape and materials - these are the three pillars on which is based any interior design, and ceiling design, as part of the interior, is not an exception.

Color trends for ceilings in 2015

This year's most fashionable shades for ceiling are dark and rich brown and burgundy. Since dark burgundy is a very rich shade, use it wisely and, of course, keep in mind the color balance. For example, the ideal companion for a maroon color in the interior can be white, milk and even yellow.

You can care less about brown because, for example, a warm rich chocolate hue would be the best look in the kitchen and the living room of any style, from classical to minimalist.

Suspended miracle

Suspended structures in original form or with LED lighting can become a worthy decoration of your new interior.

By the way, you can make even an ordinary rectangular ceiling as an accent. The main thing here is to successfully combine lighting effects with the general concept of the space design. And let's say honestly, in this situation it’s nearly impossible to do something without professional designer’s help.

Centerless, perimeter docked

Another popular trend today – the rejection of the general lighting (classic chandeliers in the middle of the living room) and the installation of decorative LED lighting around the perimeter of the room combined with local lighting fixtures using the original form and structure. As you can see, the result can be very impressive!

Symmetry around

Working with lines in the interior always brings an impressive result. The absolute symmetry, of course, is not achievable, but we can strive for it!

Thus, having created major zones in the room you can duplicate lines on the ceiling, using lighting to create a border or change the color or texture of the ceiling.

Gloss texture and wood imitation

With such a material as a stretched canvas - your ceiling will always look modern. After all, it is in this year that glossy texture is in the top of its fame.

This is not a hazard - mirror effect is able to visually enlarge the space and raise low ceilings.

This year there was another new decorative technique - ceiling decoration materials simulate flooring, laminate or a plain wood.

But if you really use these original materials to repair your house, the budget may exceed your capabilities, but using printing on a stretch ceiling - the ceiling will become fashionable and affordable!

Be creative!

If you are one of those people who do not chase the fashion, but just know how to properly organize their own space – stretched ceiling is the material with which your imagination will not be limited!

Do you want to combine lighting? So create your unusual ceiling with twinkling lights!

Do you love exotic, folk motifs and prints - transfer them via printing directly on the ceiling!

Do you want to impress your guests by the level of detail in your Art Deco interior? With the creation of stretch ceiling light panels - it's the easiest thing!

As you can see – there is many options and ideas to create original and trendy ceilings!

And if you think now about interior renovation - call us today, and tomorrow we will be able to make your ceiling not only trendy but also practical!