Spirit of France in the same style

Provence - this style of design has become the hallmark of France. For someone - a romance, for someone - the comfort of home, for someone else - a hot summer vacation, but in any case, as well as other interior style, it becomes a lifestyle for its owner. To learn how to create Provence style in your house, read our article.

Through time and history

Despite the fact that the Provence is native French style, the whole Europe liked it so much, that even now, designers offer it to their customers not only for country houses, but also for apartments!

The name "provincial style" erected in the homage to the region where it has first appeared - in the south of France. The fact is that Provence is known by its fabulous scenery, exquisite cuisine and sunny beaches of the Mediterranean. Is it possible to invent better place to stay?

Simplicity, the charm of home comfort - it will remind to someone country style, yet "French Country Style" has a special grace!

In fact, many people believe that the real Provence style is not meant to be created from scratch - the interior is to grow old alone, that’s why the style can only be created over the years, through time and generations. Anyway, if you want to create a piece of romantic and sunny France at home, select Provencal style - as well as many other styles, it is not limited to the interior, you choose a lifestyle!

Style basis

Like any "rustic" interior style, Provence style uses only natural eco materials: wood for furniture, stone for floors and walls, linen and cotton fabric for textile, metal and ceramics for decoration.

Special charm of vintage style is due to the presence or aged subjects supposedly inherited from grandmothers and great-grandmothers, rough surfaces of wooden furniture, roughly plastered walls, light and airy color palette and always fresh flowers, plants and herbs.

No luster, absence of luxury, gloss and novelty - the interior in the spirit of classic French villages admits only practical things!

Color style Provence

Have you ever thought about what colors in the interior are able to convey the warm and humid sea air, the bright light of the scorching sun and bake? For the atmosphere of tranquility, peace and comfort certainly fit pastel colors: white, milk, beige and light pink, olive, terra cotta, and the color lavender, pale yellow and pale blue paint remind us of flowering meadows of Provence.

Shade tree furniture should be more bright to stand out from the bright stucco walls. But for textiles can adopt designs with vegetable and floral motifs and bright cell.

On a par with calm tones to create the interior style of Provence can and should use bright dominants: violet, purple, burgundy, dark blue, bright pink or even red. The brightest color may occur on objects of decoration: clay pots from the flowers, napkins and tablecloths, wooden shutters, pillows, porcelain figurines or dishes.

Walls and floors

The walls in the interior of the Provence style is very simple - it's just a backdrop for furniture and decor. Most often decorate their usual plaster with a rough imitation of application, as would a simple Provencal village.

The second option - obbit wall tree, and then paint in the desired color. The third option - you can use natural or artificial stone for decoration, for example, the kitchen or the fireplace in the living room area.

But the wallpaper in the interior style of Provence are rare. Bedroom or office selected wallpaper with bright colors dim repeating pattern.

In a classic Provencal interior supposed massive stone or wooden floors. But, naturally, this floor is very difficult to do in the apartment. Therefore, designers often resort to imitation stone and wood with modern materials: tiles, parquet, laminate.

Rugs and carpets - almost never occur. Rather shabby suit cute "Grandma" mats.

To be continued...

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