How to use your basement?

From the moment the planned home renovation has been made, the owners are beginning to think how to increase the effective area. At that time they surely come to think about the basement. Learn how to efficiently transform your basement in this review.

Home Theater

One of the most popular ideas of our customers is the creation of a true home theater. And, as a rule, customers try to think through every detail in such a room: the light, acoustics, thermal balance, furniture’s ergonomics and so on.

The control of every system at once would be quite complicated without high-tech gadgets, in particular the "smart home" technology deployed in this project.

Stretch ceiling in this room can also be sophisticated – the color of LED-lighting and its intensity can be changed with one touch with your IPad.

At the same time, you can order a photo printing of any size on your ceiling which will certainly change the perception of the entire room and make it truly unique!


The second most popular idea is to organize a kind of lounge area for owners in the basement: sports equipment, game machines, pool table, library, fireplace and cozy furniture. It all depends on owners’ hobbies themselves.

It should be noted that the use of glossy stretch ceilings in this type of room will not only visually expand the room and will "raise the ceiling", but will also increase its illumination. You may notice that the owners of the illustrated rest rooms in the basement have not used too much artificial light sources and yet the room is very bright, spacious, and most importantly comfortable and relaxing.


The dressing room in the basement will not be redundant, especially if there’s no more place for the clothes of your family in the room cabinets. It’s very convenient to store seasonal clothes there and even sports equipment.

Here you will need some ventilation system - without it, chances are that stored items will get unpleasant odor and may become damaged by moths or other harmful insects.

In this situation the stretch ceiling will help you create favorable temperature conditions: good breathable fabric will never become a "habitat" of mold or mildew, it is easy to care for and it maintains its original appearance.

The material is completely fire resistant and meets all technical requirements of the rooms with significant temperature variability.


What a good idea to dedicate a complete room for a laboratory of children's games and to keep the main rooms free from irreparable damage!

You can create more convenient storage for toys, take care of soft or impenetrable corners and walls and do not forget to place large children's sports game centers, which previously were unable to good disposition elsewhere.

No matter what will be the purpose of this room during your child's growth - music studio or science lab – stretch ceilings which have good acoustic performance will keep all unwanted sounds inside. With the lapse of time it will be very important for your peace of mind!

Wine vault

Every man dreams of his own wine cellar! Bar desk, collection of your favorite beverages, comfortable furniture for guests - this room will never be empty!

Yet its deployment conceals a lot of gotchas. The most important thing is to create the desired temperature balance: humidity level, temperature, illumination level.

If you choose the stretch ceiling for your home wine vault, be sure - this material is an ideal way to meet all your requirements: it does not accumulate condensate, keeps its appearance at low temperatures, has good air permeability and never become a habitat for mold or mildew.

As you can see, there are a lot of simple ideas on how to efficiently transform the forgotten or not used basement. Regardless the purpose that you choose for these empty spaces, we will help you create an original and most importantly functional ceiling there!