Trends in high definition digital printing

We know that our clientele likes the idea of putting up an image on a stretch ceiling or walls. There is only one question to be answered: what kind of image to choose in order not to ruin the balance in the room design. Read in this article about the most trendy topics for printing and useful advise from NYCeiling.


Even experienced and talented designers have issues in selecting the proper ceiling print for a room decor in order to turn an ordinary space into an extraordinary and unforgettable.

Any inconspicuous print with the right approach to it will change the ambience and overall impression. And vice versa - a bright and fresh image can ruin just won't fit into the most thought-out interior.  That is why our company recommends to use a professional service for selecting the right image.


It is a dream of any city dweller to have his own window overlooking the picturesque nature landscape and a breathtaking view over fields, rivers, jungle, sand dunes or mountains from his apartment. It is about time to think that it is very affordable. You can't go wrong by choosing one of many thousands of possible variants depicting glory and beauty of mother nature. Flowers, leaves, grass, animals, trees, mountains, water...

There are millions of the images in the internet. It is a pleasure to come back every night into your quiet bay.  Relax, facing an incredible and magnetic nature landscapes, drink tea and enjoy sounds of soft background music or come to a bursting with energy waterfall, mind blowing bird view of your city and absorb this non-stop energetic flow.

A useful advise from NYCeiling is that nature theme images look awesome on the walls. Try to scale the image right according to the dimensions of your room.

To make a wall printed panel a bright accent in the interior you need to add a behind the wall LED lighting. A translucent stretch fabric will pass a soft ambient light into the room, while the image printed on the canvas will become reach in contrast and give you more colors and atmosphere as you change the light modes.

This design trick looks great in clean spaces, not overloaded with decorating decisions: casual, minimalism and even country style.

Suprematism motives

As suprematism is the most actual branch in architecture nowadays, it is possible to select the images depicting lines, sharp shadeless geometrical forms. It may be not that easy to select and decide to go with a certain line or shape layout, but the stretch wall or ceiling panel with this final solution is always stunning and exceeds all expectations. Especially when you find an apt solution of uniting wall and ceiling lines.

Some say you can do the same with a paint, you could but if it is worth the effort. At a project of a large scale, especially when image crosses both walls and ceilings the final result with a quality finish is difficult to achieve. It takes time and skillful craftsmanship. There is a number of factors that influence and interfere with the working process, crooked walls, unleveled ceiling, lighting fixtures, uneven surfaces, multiple joints that are needed to be treated properly.

It all takes time and expertise of a professional. Painting deals with a massive pre painting process, while stretch ceilings can be placed on top of any substrate without dealing with it. The image is laid out in the computer with a digital precision and it comes seamless up to 16 feet wide and 160 feet long. An image of any difficulty can be installed within hours or just few days with a perfect finish. Just the way you planned.

Posters and portraits of fairy tail heroes in a kids room

Walls and ceilings in a kids room is a big topic. The first issue in planning the design of a kids room is safety of kids, that puts a limit to many decorating materials.

The materials should be not only safe, but also rigid, maintenance free, eco-friendly, preferably come in one piece, do not break into pieces, preferable have good acoustical characteristics. Stretch ceilings and walls is the perfect solution in this case.

The second issue is that the interior should be bright, fun, vivid but not boring on any case. Every child of 3 to 7 has his own preferences and likes, favorite tales and heroes.

Designers do their best to create a fairy world in a room that once was a square space. Stretch ceilings is the powerful tool in hands of a talented designer. Colorful collages, portraits of fairy tail heroes, even movie posters of the most popular cartoons - all of it can become a wonderful solution or a background for a kids room.

We have a team that will make your space look like you have never seen anywhere before. Please contact us today!

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