Total Control Upgrade

Our clients experience the most advanced and innovative interior design solutions offered by NYCeiling, Inc.

There is a perfect example of a home theater decoration in Butt Ridge, IL, where a stretch ceiling was used. Every light box on the wall has a custom high definition print on a stretch translucent architectural fabric with a hidden LED back lighting.

A range of 15 light colors, which are controlled by an application from an iPad, allows you to create an amazing atmosphere, which is impossible to repeat by using traditional materials. Read more about our project at "The showcase" magazine (p.62-65)

The hero in the room is the ceiling. The translucent stretch ceiling with a printed in a high definition 3D pattern completely changes the geometry of the room. It visually expands the space and creates a movement. There is also a hidden LED back lighting that changes the ambience and makes the 3D pattern "Dark hole" look more saturated. The lighting is controlled by an iPad as well.

Designer Steve E. added a 6' by 6' light box on the wall with a night Chicago cityscape in the media room. It covers most of the wall, creating an amazing visual effect at day time and used as an additional ambient lighting at night.

You have a wonderful opportunity to see how it looks like here: