Mediterranean style

Mediterranean style is one of the most preferable styles for interior designers in decorating villas, condos, apartments and rooms. It takes it's way from a small bungalow at the sea side, carrying along a joyful atmosphere of the sea and beach sand play


Architecture inherited this kind of style from the Mediterranean region. Warmth of the sunshine, sea movement and wind energy is represented in colors, tones, forms and airy style ornaments.

Spain, Greece, Alger, Turkey, Morocco, Tunis, North of Egypt, Italian and French Riviera - you will notice similarities in the decor and colors of the interiors, when traveling across these Mediterranean countries. The most impact was made by Italy and Greece, which explains significance of two major trends.

Style constants

Everything that has a direct connection with the sea, sun, lush vegetation and romantic atmosphere becomes a part of the Mediterranean style. It is one of the lightest, most airy and romantic styles that ever existed. It stands out with accessibility, comfort, practicality and domestic simplicity but never a luxurious, extravagant decor.

This simple and understandable atmosphere is reached by a well balanced amount of natural materials and colors - blue sea and turquoise, azure, olive, coral and yellow, champagne, ochroid, terra-cota, sandy and light-brown, bronze and aged wood colors.

The greek trend is a combination of cold, refreshing tones: white, lemon-yellow, all shades of blue mixed with green and as an accent there is a saturated red-rose. The main color solution is an alternation of white and blue.

The Italian trend is overflown with warm, heating tones: brown, gold-orange, terra-cotta, olive and bottle-green. Walls are a bright tone painted, while the flooring is done by a treated white hardwood, and, only bathroom and kitchen, are paved with colorful tiles.

If you are a bright and buoyant, active person - this style is definitely for you! It suits an apartment in a busy city as well as a country home or villa, as it's calm and peaceful character brings joy, airiness and soothing balance to your daily life.

Mediterranean Style Furniture

It is much easier and less expensive to choose furniture for a Mediterranean interior style compared to Gothic, Minimalistic, Empire styles, where furniture design is dictated by it's style canons.

Select simply designed squatty wooden furniture: chests, tables, benches and chairs. To make it more comfortable for sitting, you can buy or make soft cushions.

Forged elements and accessories are a harmonious companion for wooden furniture. While rocking chairs, poufs, terrace love seats and other furniture for outside relaxation can be woven.

Built in and wall shelves become a noticeable display of the owner's kitchen utensils and accessory collection.


The presence of unpretentious, original accessories taints romantic notes into a mediterranean interior, though it is known for being practical and simple.

It can include art work in aged framing, small statues, colorful glassware, woven fruit vases, olive oil dispensers, glass spice containers, forged candle holders, ceramic ware, thick white candles, crockery, shells - it all creates coziness and comfort.

Mediterranean style is possibly the only style that can be decorated solely by flowers and green plants in clay vases. Plants can fill all the space, yet it is Mediterranean.

Textile and decor

Decor tends to be functional in Mediterranean style. That is one of the reasons there is not so much textile in it's interiors.

Greek style curtains is a rarity - there is jalousie instead. Textile is used in bedroom decorations: lacy sheets, blue stripe pillows, white blankets, knitted shams.

While Italian style curtains are more widely spread: light tone heavy fringed curtains with brushes and lambrequin.

Natural fabrics such as cotton and flax are used for table textile. Table cloths and napkins can be either single toned or striped. Flower theme is rarely used.

Walls and floor decoration

Plaster, wall-paintning, mosaic tiles is the most common way to decorate walls in Mediterranean style, while wall papers and bricklaying is a more rare way. Italian style is known for it's famous bright yellow tone venetian plastering almost in every interior, while greek is known for it's white or bright blue tones.

Carpets and rugs are historically not used in Mediterranean style. Stone and wood was always used as major materials for the flooring. You can use ceramic tiles or laminate nowadays for decorating your interior.

If you wish to cover your floors, use bamboo, sisal or cane woven mats, it would add a specific atmosphere of harmony with nature and piece. Wall painting is not a common decorating tool, while mosaic tiles are used on walls, floors or steps. Use natural stone to add character to your interior.

Arcs are very common as a design solution in Mediterranean style. There are could be real arches in walls or arc imitations, even wall-painted arcs could be a wonderful solution.

Ceilings and lighting

Mediterranean means plenty of sun, that is why it should be bright during day time. Romantic night atmosphere is created by a dispersed ambient lighting. It is practically achieved with several lighting fixtures spread around the room - suspended, spotlights, wall mounted, floor standing or table lamps, LED strips around the ceiling perimeter.

The most suitable fixture is a low hanging suspended lights. This type of lighting fixtures is also suitable for other interior styles: retro and country.

Speaking about ceilings, there are lots of variants: they could be a high or low level. Stretch ceiling can share same tone with the walls or be simply white. An image of wood beams can be printed on the stretch ceiling and can create the feeling of a high ceiling even the actual hight will not allow to do it by using real logs.

Simple and genius

Mediterranean style is beauty and simplicity. Constant sunny mood and presence of nature. You gain piece and comfort by going mediterranean path in interior decoration, staying next to the seaside, even if your apartment or house is nowhere close to the sea.

You can create a beautiful relaxing mediterranean atmosphere with a moderate budget within a short term.