Beauty will save the world. Tendency in SPA interior design

The place where we find peace, relaxation and where our bodies and souls rest is a SPA salon. It plays as big role as a gym in the life of a metropolitan citizen. One of the main reasons we like to visit our SPA salons is that their interiors create an unforgettable ambience, that influence our experience the most. We would like to tell you about two major trends in spa interior design.

Mood, feeling, sense

The positioning of a SPA salon mood determines directly the way a designer will work on the interior design and eventually what feelings a client would go through after a session in the salon. Let's say a company offers most up to date services and uses innovative technologies, which makes a designer to choose a futuristic style. The interlace of white, grey, transparent, reflective, smooth, straight and round lines, neon blue or LED strip lighting with shades of purple, green or blue colors will help to achieve a proper effect.

The futuristic tendency is revealed in the latest car models. Mercedes S-Class Coupe, for instance, at Frankfurt Auto Salon, that gives us a great example of a SPA salon interior design futuristic theme.

If your beauty salon or SPA uses only natural cosmetics and traditional techniques of, let's say, oriental culture, you would need an interior that resembles nature of a particular geographical region.

Wood, stone, water, humid air, selection of plants, minimum amount of unnatural materials, open space without dividers, walls where it is necessary, day light and birds singing.

What is the purpose?

There are two major design styles in beauty salons and SPA interior decoration are taking the leading role the next year: ecological and futuristic. An interior on top of being relaxing, comfortable and soothing must be enchanting, breathtaking and seductive with it's fantastic, dynamic and unrealistic vibes.

It should, literary, teleport visitors into a different dimension: distant future or in the heart of nature. The places they would relax and leave the world behind, feel safe and find piece. You SPA salon takes clients closer to the happiness, which is priceless. You would benefit from it as well.

What is it made of?

None of these two styles is simpler to bring into life than the other. It may seem that the futuristic interior is easier to make. Well, may be. You have to use materials that satisfy all ecological requirements, durable and maintenance free, be flexible and easy to work with. It is not an easy task to accomplish.

NYCeiling, Inc has found a way to combine traditional materials with an up to date ecological and durable materials. We use stretch wall and ceiling system that has all certificates and has a perfect performance in spaces with the highest technical and ecological standards.

All types of light fixtures and lighting systems are easily compatible with the stretch ceiling system. Material runs seamless up to 16 feet wide and 160 feet long. You can make a translucent ceiling or a suspended panel with an electric source or natural light behind it.