Buying wholesale

The main difficulty, at the end of the day, is to make the final decision. Trust us, as we speak from the experience. It gets especially hard when budgeting is involved. Read in this article about how to kill two birds with one stone.

Renovating the interior... Your associations are most likely positive and relate to a pleasant activity, exciting and emotional experience. What a surprise it is, when all expectations are dispelled after facing the real process of renovation.

Thousands of decorating materials, hundreds of designers, numerous interior styles - the head spins away.

There is one complication that definitely stands out. It is not the works, which you can delegate to professionals. The main difficulty - is to make the final decision.

One style - one material

It makes sense to choose one style for the decoration to stay in the budget, if your apartment is around 600 square feet or less. And we are not talking about one interior style, we mean color and look of decorating materials for the floor, walls and the ceiling.

You may ask what the trick is? It is all common sense: choosing one type of hardwood or parquet you need to get just 10% on top of your footage for cutting and other possible adjustments - it is decent savings on the volume. In case you choose different type for all 3 rooms, you would need to get 30% on top of the footage, which adds extra 20% to your budget.

An example of wall decoration by stretched canvas with photo print

When you buy a decent amount of one material for the whole project, a sales person will give you a good discount on the volume, the delivery will be made in one shot, cut offs from one room will be used in the others. It all refers to other materials such as wall papers, decorative plaster, wall paint.

When you use stretch ceilings, NYCeiling, Inc. always gives a discount on the material and the labor on the volume.

One material - different styles

You would definitely want to create a different ambience in all rooms - trust us, it is possible using the same decorative materials.

Simply start with selecting several similar design styles and make the difference by putting and installing different light fixtures, window treatments, accessories, rugs and carpets and other interior decorating objects.


Glossy black stretched ceiling in the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen-living room

The stretch ceiling is a powerful tool in creating an ambience in the room. Though the material is the same, it has a vast amount of different textures, colors, acoustical characteristics. Stretch ceiling is a unique material that shows a perfect performance on both technical and esthetic levels. If you install a solid color matte stretch ceiling in every room the ambience and mood can be changed simply by changing the color of RGB LED strip placed behind the canvas, which is invisible for any one in the room.

Glossy white stretched ceiling in the basement, in the hallway and the living room

There is an option as a high definition digital printing. NYCeiling, Inc. uses a huge data base of images with more than 25 million custom photos and vector graphics, or you can have your own image or photo printed on the canvas as well.

One project - one team

Choosing a company that offers all services needed for your place to be renovated saves your money and time as well. If you think about communicating effectively with 3-5 companies at the same time, working on the project schedule, control quality of the works, calculating the costs, all of it is quite a nerve wrecking and time consuming task.


An example of ceiling decoration by stretched canvas with photo print

NYCeiling offers the complete renovation services and specializes in acoustical treatment, suspended panels, wide span high definition printing solutions for residential and commercial field; and is proud to be an expert in stretch ceiling systems being a certified installer with more than 200 successfully completed projects in New York and Tri-State area.