Star style or Art Deco style in the interior

Brilliance, extravagance, sophistication. Efficient combination of exotic and simple decor elements, contrast color combinations. Certainly, creation of an Art deco interior is an expensive delight. Once it is done, you will feel as an extraordinary high hat personality. Are you ready to learn how to create a bohemian style?

Style history

Art deco is called a bohemian style for a reason. This movement in interior design was originated in 20-s of the past century in France. It was named after the show called "Internationale des Arts Decoratifs Industriels et Modernes", that took place in Paris in 1925. It means literally decorative art.

This style is a perfect combination of a modern color palette, constructivism geometry and the chic of archaic African, Egyptian and Ancient Eastern cultures.

Art deco gained it's popularity mostly in America, in Hollywood, where it gave a new perspective for displaying the wealth and extravaganza. The most expensive hard woods, elephant's ivory, snake and crocodile skin, wild animals fur, nickel, forged and welded iron - all of it or anything that could be called exotic and expensive was present in an art decor interior.

Style constants or "keep your wallet wide open"!

Art deco is the last grand style of the twenties century, it is popular again nowadays and it's army is constantly growing.

This style attracts attention of those, who would like to surround themselves with expensive exquisite things without being too formal. It shouts out about extravagance and wealthiness of home owners, along with their elegant taste and home comfort. Art deco is embodied in expensive, chic, modern materials that are not affordable to every one.

It is reflected in combination of sharp geometrical forms and complicated ornaments, straight lines, abstract compositions, african and oriental patterns. The style was praised by Hollywood decorators and was mostly used in trans atlantic cruise ships, exquisite night clubs and hotel rooms

There is elephant ivory, snake skin, dark hardwood furniture with metal accessories, leopard coloring, copper, abstract sculptures, the most amazing tone and color correlations, floor to ceiling mirrors, 24 karat framed art work and many more.

Color and ornament

There are usually more than three colors used in art deco interiors, which surprisingly looks harmoniously and attractive. The major part of the color is in marking the genuineness of natural materials and their exquisiteness.

There is no such a notion as the most popular color scheme in art deco. White, beige, creme, nutty could be selected for a background. For accent colors it is better to choose deeper tones: brown, blue, purple, deep red, black.

Light golden, silver and bronze tones shall be a priority option for furniture accessories and parts. It's glitter underlines the major tone of the interior.

The ornament is as important as the color for an art deco interior. Oriental patterns and ornaments find the best place in the context of a tone and dominant color combination.

In order to unite the whole interior under one style, add four or five tones of the dominant color, by upholstering the furniture, textile or a wall decoration.

Furniture in the Art Deco style

The major element in an art deco interior is the furniture - sofas, armchairs, loungers, love seats. Straight simple expressive lines, refinement forms, absence of pretentious decorating elements and an expensive upholstery.

Furniture's forms and shapes play the supporting role, while the quality of the materials play the first role - red or dark types of wood, exquisite upholstery.

The most popular color themes for the furniture are white, milky, red, black and natural colors of wood.

Art Deco Textile

It is vital for the ambience and proper mood to choose the right textile. Elegant curtains or portieres with deep draperies and an exquisite decoration, veils, cloths, pillows may be done in silk or velvet, satin and other genuine fabrics with a smooth texture.

It is preferable to choose a monochrome or colorful textile with patterned and sparkling surfaces. Stylish flower patterns or bright paradise birds, indian or complicated geometrical patterns.

All of these bright accents should be used to a certain extant. Measure their presence by your standards and preferences, but do not let them be overwhelming. Animal fur, textile lampshades, chic carpets can be a wonderful add on to the interior.

Walls and floors in the Art Deco interior

As any other material in art deco interior walls and ceilings should be finished with the best possible and the most expensive materials. Floors - a glossy finish lacquered exquisite hardwood or elegant expensive ceramic tiles

Walls - fabric solid color or patterned wallpaper. Artistic plaster or velvet paint can be used as an option.

Art Deco Lighting style

To highlight the ambience and exclusiveness of the art deco interior add the proper lighting fixtures - floor lamps, wall or ceiling pendant lamps, chandeliers.

Special place in the interior takes an exquisite chandelier in the middle of the room.

Candlesticks - a decor piece, but being romantic is inevitable to use it.

Accessories for Art Deco interior

The major goal of the accessories is to create an atmosphere of joy and glamour. Everything that is made of silver, gold, copper or glittery and able to reflect the light.

The objects can be of different styles, epochs and utilization. Their character should be bright, brave, eccentric and original.

Full size mirrors locked in massive copper or laconic wood frames, forged cornices, crystal, porcelain with golden finishing, hand painted oriental vases and many others.

Art work depicting paradise birds, elegant women, abstract objects is a wonderful element of decoration as well.

Ceilings in the style of Art Deco

To complement all the exclusiveness, glamour and chic of the interior and make it complete you need to take care of the final element - ceilings. There are many solutions in decorating ceilings nowadays, but there is one that absolutely fits in the chic design of art deco style - stretch ceilings.

Exclusiveness, visual effect and an outstanding quality of the product caters for the highest standards.

The major rule of art deco ceiling is that it needs to be of a decent hight And if the room has a standard height ceiling the best way to change it is to use a glossy stretch ceiling.

Another important rule is the finish of the ceiling must compliment exclusiveness and glamour of the whole interior.

Plaster moldings, multilevel surfaces in combination either with a glossy or a bright pattern print on a matte textured ceiling is the most amazing and glamorous combination possible.

There is only one way to make a perfect smooth solid color finish by using architectural textile stretch fabric without any possible cracking, pealing with the widest uniform area possible up to 16 feat with no seams. The texture in combination with golden sparkling color creates the perfect combination and nails the major rule to be chic, expensive, glamours and of the best quality.

Art deco gives us freedom from a traditional conservative approach in interior design. It is capable of creating a glamorous ambience based on an unconventional combination of decorative elements of different shapes and origin. This style effortlessly highlights your wealth and chic taste.

If you feel that this style is what you have been looking for please contact NYCeiling team. Our designers are willing to create an extraordinary interior just for you.