Stretch ceilings in a sports club

A well-balanced human is eager to pay more attention to his physical shape and do sports every day on regular basis. The desire to be in a good shape makes people attend sport clubs, fitness centers, gyms, boxing clubs, yoga centers, etc. Owners of the sport facilities tend to decorate the space in the most attractive and functional way to stand out and be the best in the competition.

In search of design innovations

It takes a lot of self discipline for a person to put gym hours in his calendar. Once it is done, the demands are high. One would choose a gym based on the stuff that works there, personality and professionalism of a personal trainer, all amenities provided by the club and, no doubts, one of the most important criteria - the atmosphere and decor.

Ambience makes people concentrate on work outs and helps them to relax. For this reason it is a challenge for a designer to create a well balanced atmosphere with a beautiful functional finish.

Decorating materials have to posses high technical characteristic standards, have to be fire rated, humidity resistant, maintenance free, etc. All these requirements may limit a designer's ideas.


We introduce a new material for every interior designer - stretch ceilings, PVC and architectural fabric wall and ceiling coverings.

Maintenance free

The major concern for all sport clubs is odor. Air conditioning system does a lot of work to refresh and circulate air flows in a space. Most of the time it is not enough, because through some time odor is absorbed by the decorating materials. The major advantage of stretch ceilings is that it does not absorb odors due to it's phenomenal treatment.

It is a cell enclosed material, which passes through water and air without absorbing it, helping a lot in keeping the space odor free.


It is designed to be installed in spas, saunas and places with high level of humidity. Stretch ceilings do not accumulate condensate and will keep it's original shape through the years.

There is no need to take any measures in order to keep it's uniformity through the whole period of exploitation - it comes in one peace seamless up to 16 feet wide and 164 feet long.

Stand out design

The competition is very high in the field of health and sport recreation activities. The design of your space can not be ordinary and boring. It should stand out with a bright and functional design and, for this very reason, be more attractive to your clientele than one not so far from you. It is a challenge for a designer, because surprising new-yorkers is not a simple task.

Stretch ceiling is a powerful tool in designers hands. It is possible to visually expand the space with the help of a glossy PVC stretch ceiling without changing the actual height of the existing ceiling. It's reflecting surface adds dynamics and vibe into a space and can be useful for the attendees of a gym as another mirror right above their heads. This is an ideal option for a dance classes or yoga rooms.

High definition UV digital printing on a canvas opens up endless opportunities for designers and business owners. 25 million image database plus your own photographs is a wonderful opportunity to create a unique design of your place. Any image can be printed on the canvas up to 16 feet wide with no seams, all you get is a perfect smooth finish on your wall or a ceiling. The material can be also painted up to 4 times with any paint you desire.

Sound treatment in large and small spaces

Having multiple rooms can be disturbing in case different music or activities are performed in there simultaneously. Acoustic stretch ceilings help to absorb sound with NRC up to 0,85, with loosing only 1 inch of space. It is the best acoustical treatment performance on the market. It would also easily hide all wire and other communications behind it. It works perfect with all HVAC systems, sprinkler systems, all types of lighting in the most efficient way.

The balance of it's elasticity and rigidness is amazing. If you hit drywall hard, most likely you would need to patch it or replace the whole peace, stretch ceiling is flexible enough to resist even the heaviest hits.

Our experience.

All advantages of stretch ceilings helped the designer of Kinetic Sports Club to create an outstanding interior, where all aspects of the decoration work together to achieve one major goal - a comfortable and energetic vibe in a space to do sports.