Oleg S. Interior Designer

Bathrooms are quite a conservative sphere of interior design field, and revolutionary ideas are very rare here. That was the point where an open-minded home owner decided to experiment for a change. The change that will take him away from a classic and even boring, to a certain extant, variant.

Sergey D.

Good communication is the key. It made me easy to plan other contractors work. The phone calls were always answered and text messages returned.

The professional work ethics exceeded the expectations. Your tools were always clean and neatly stored in one place not to obstruct the work of others.

Vanessa Deleon - Interior Designer

First class service and fast access to the needed information was the reason I chose NYCeiling, Inc. I can definitely highlight high quality of work and the material.

Charles - Interior Designer

Totally professional from start to finish! On time. Excellent company to work with. Polite, detailed, fast and most of all very clean. The end result is a beautiful high gloss blue stretch ceiling that makes my room look double the size.

Rocco P.

The choice fell on NYCeiling, Inc. based on few major factors. First i was interested in was the price, and they offered a very reasonable estimate and а way affordable price - that was a good start.

Anna Maria Mannarino - Interior Designer

I looked for a company that works with stretch ceilings and found you on the internet. After i saw your portfolio, I realized that i can trust your professionalism.

Expert commentary

"Stretched canvas can cover the whole surface as well as be designed to fit a certain part of the wall or ceiling as a light box or a framed mural. It stands out from a line of other decorating materials such as wallpapers.

Wallpapers must be applied to a properly prepared wall, while stretch ceilings do not require that, wallpapers have seams, while stretch ceilings are seamless up to 16 feet wide.

Stretch ceilings are friendly to all light fixtures, it is customized, any size, any image, any pattern can be applied. You can easily change the shape of the room with it. As a result you get a sustainable and eco-friendly interior."

Alexander Laptseu

Expert commentary Aliaksandr Navitski

NYCeiling, Inc. installs an innovative acoustical treatment with an amazing look. Acoustical treatment is the architectural fabric with cotton isover panels. It absorbs sound that decreases sound and, all together, balances the acoustical characteristics of a premise.

The motive to use this material is very simple. Make your business more attractive, quitter, comfortable and esthetically magnetic and unique.

Aliaksandr Navitski