How to change the interior space without moving walls in one day?

Just imagine... You invite your friends into a newly decorated home for a movie or a party, where they are able to appreciate your idea of a new decor of the living space. The idea that changed your space so fast, the idea that became a reflection of your individuality. And what is really amazing, that you didn't move walls, but made such a vivid change just in one day.

It is a kind of thing you've been looking for a long time, isn't it? It is now we will tell you about this.

Check point

The task to change the whole interior in your house is not easy and i t is probably not what you are looking for. There is an easy way we are talking about. Start by choosing a room you would like to change.

Let's say you have a room, that can be turned into a home theater.

All becomes clear:

  • most of the time the room will stay dark
  • one wall will become a screen and a base for acoustics
  • an acoustical treatment must be applied in the room for a comfort atmosphere
  • light up the steps, put LED light accents on the walls, dim the ambient lighting
  • it is a specific room with a specific ambience, like any other room, weather kitchen or bedroom. And it needs a character. You can make a fantastic or futuristic atmosphere, romantic or melancholic.

Changing space is easy!

Experienced designers know, that there is no need to change geometry of the room in order to achieve a required effect. We can trick our consciousness with creating an illusion, by applying several tricks.

Trick #1 - Mirror

A mirror is the simplest way to visually change space. It could be a whole mirror wall or simply a small mirror in a correct spot and an interesting shape. The effect of illusion will be present right there.

Trick #2 - Glossy surfaces

If you need to visually expand space, but do not want to use mirrors, that reflect each detail of your room, use glossy surfaces, that will bounce back up to %70 of light. Stretch glossy ceilings is a solution that was brought by NYCeiling, Inc. for this purpose. It is created to make amazing accents in your interior and visually expand the space by covering ceilings or walls. (links)

A white stretch glossy ceiling will make space look bigger in a low ceiling basement, will make it cozy, relaxing and pleasant to be at. Black glossy surfaces change visually space also. They absorb more light than lighter colors and create an effect of infinite space.

We call it a "dark hole" effect, it becomes especially powerful if a black solid color glossy stretch ceiling unites a wall and a ceiling. Look at this example, where the transaction point between a wall and a ceiling vanished, because of the "dark hole" effect.

Trick #3 - 2D image

To get and astonishing effect in your room by making your walls visually disappear is possible with a modern technology of high definition digital printing. Any surface covered by a high end technology called stretch ceilings makes possible what was not possible ever before.

Any digital image can be used for your interior decoration: houses, blue skies, city landscapes, cars, macro shots of flowers, vector images. Anything you can imagine is here for you!

And it is not only for one wall, the whole room can decorated with the stretch ceiling and wall covering.

For an example, the owner of this hunter's mansion provided photographs taken by him in different parts of the world, to decorate the interior.

Trick #4 - 3D installation

This is a trendy technique used by designers. You can play with image, as well as with the lighting that matches it. Usually it is an abstract image, which is digitally printed on a stretch fabric, which is, after all,applied on a ceiling or a wall.

By the way, this technique was used in last project of NYCeiling and a designer Steve E.

Choosing lighting

The market offers more advanced new technologies every year, starting with compact LED strips, finishing with massive lighting fixtures of different kind.

Now it is possible to control your lighting in a room or a house with your iPad or an iPhone.

Every light box in this home theatre is individually controlled by an iPad application. Just by mixing colors and intensity of light, it is possible to change ambience with a tip of your finger.

The installation of all light boxes for this project took one day with no dirt and noise. We didn't move a single wall to change the space in the theatre.

To do a project of this kind requires just two steps from you:

  1. choose a room
  2. choose an image or a topic.
  3. We will do the rest! Install the tension system, do the digital printing, stretch the fabric and do the finish touches with spotlights, suspended fixtures or LED lighting.

The visual change of the room is not the only thing that you get, there is also an improvement in acoustical condition. On top of that, we use energy saving lighting, eco-friendly materials and energy efficient installation.

The make change for better is simple!