2013 trends in interior design of restaurants and cafes

"Florian" cafe is one of the oldest, well known and tremendously expensive in Venice. They never changed it's exquisite outside decor and interior since 1858. There are places in NYC that have been serving visitors and citizen since 19 century and are still famous for their delicious menu and authentic decor. Meanwhile, most places change their appearance each year or two. NYC is a megapolis where everything moves and changes, and new yorkers pay for it. This smart marketing move is beneficial for business owners, that keep up with the fast and constantly changing city of modern creative ideas. This article is for those who keep up with new trends and planning to modernize or open a new business with a creative design.

"Florian" cafe. Venice

Eco-friendliness and sustainability

New York is striving for new parks, to cater for citizens's demand of a bigger nature presence. Architects and designers create hundreds of park and public place projects, by the way, Lowline park has it's funds collected. Others grow trees and make gardens on the roofs across the city.

It might be an old idea, but let's not scratch the green, eco-friendly trend off the map.

It also may seem abused in marketing world of tv commercials, radio, printed media, billboards, restaurants' menus. You see it everywhere - food commercials, sport oriented life style, government support of "green" builders, high demand in organic produce, - that is how high the demand is.

Big names change their brands, marketing politics and lean towards "green" world for a good reason - it makes them big money, and in future it will make even more.

Conquer noise of a big apple - mission is possible

It is a wide spread practice - control sound waves to maintain a pleasant acoustical atmosphere in hospitality field, residential buildings, office buildings, public transportation stations, medical offices, night clubs - to make us, customers feel better.

It seems that it's been taken care of by business owners, well, not really. It is still hard to find a proper acoustical ambience in New York, regardless a big number of tools and materials that are at hands reach for an acoustician.

Sounds of Silence. Ayers Rock, Australia

Does your cafe, bar, lounge, office satisfy your clients? If you do not know, just ask them.

Do they want to listen to next booth's conversation? Is the media system too loud? Are the too much ambient sounds in the room? Do they want to hear any sounds coming from the street at all?

Can you stay competitive when businesses next to you will offer not only eco-friendliness but silence as well? 2012 gives us some hints that we should start taking care of our acoustical issues immediately.

Day or night time - all matters. Interactive interior? - Yes, it is indeed.

The ability of interior elements to change itself, depending on one or several factors - attracts publicity and press immediately. That's what exactly happened to Cienna Ultra lounge (Queens, NY).

The lighting design is extraordinary - lighting ambience changes simultaneously with tempo and music style.

Cienna Ultralounge, NY

Interior design market has to offer quite a few solutions, for example "blooming wallpaper" or "alive tiles" - they change color and pattern with a temperature change, lighting fixtures that change color with day and night hours.

3D effect is reality

3D technologies in cinema, television and world of entertainment. It is an unbelievable experience to have a dinner in Paris, staying in New York .

Dinner in the sky

Have lunch on the bottom of the sea with no risk to life. 3D visualization can do it all.

Individual interior for every person - make a reservation please.

Imagine public places that cater for an individual's needs and tastes. There is no mass effect and categorization. You want flying butterflies around you, loud vibrant music of a DJ or a band playing just for you, sandy dunes and carpet with oasis around you - a place, where a client reserves not a table or space, but ambience and an atmosphere to his taste - please, you are more very welcome! Any time, no dress code, any ambience - you are the one who it is all for.

Out of thousands of decorating materials we have picked an amazing one that is eager to become the most known, useful, eco-friendly and easy to use in any decor - stretch ceilings and walls.

NYCeiling calls you to remember it and use it in your future renovations.

It has 5 major well balanced advantages:

* Made of eco-friendly architectural fabric, fire retardant, water repellent.

Fabric solid white color stretch ceilings in Korean restaurant

Fabric solid white color stretch ceiling with LED lighting behind it

Glossy solid white color stretch ceilings in "Halo Group" office

* Acoustical. Absorbs sounds, reduces noise.

White glossy stretch ceiling in living room

White glossy solid color stretch ceiling in basement. Billiards room

Blue glossy stretch ceiling in gym

* Printable, paintable, with no loss to its characteristics. Takes any shape, sustainable.

Black glossy stretch ceiling in the kitchen

Decoration of wall and ceiling with help of stretched material with photo printing

Fabric seamless stretch wall covering in living room with print ( theme of nature)

* 3D installationsall lighting types friendly, backlight, translucent, photo kinetic.

Fabric seamless stretch ceiling with 3D print "Dark hole" and LED strip lighting

Multilevel glossy stretch ceiling in bedroom: "starry sky" with Swarovski crystals and LED lighting

Matte Descor fabric with a photo print "Manhattan view"

White fabric stretch ceiling in office (Kohl office)

* Clean, energy saving, fast installation. Comes with manufacturer's 10 year warranty. Applied only by certified installers.

Once it is placed, the fabric can be changed at any time with much less budget on the same spot. The ambience can be changed in a matter of hours with no time and money loss.

That was a short summary of some trends for 2013 in interior decoration. We would be happy to spread a word about your success related to the trends described above. Please share your success with people who care. We wish you good luck!

Expert commentary

"Stretch ceiling installation is carried out within one-two days or nights, that saves your business time operation. At the same time it saves expenses on renovation and the days the business could have been shut down."

Alexander Laptseu