Country decorating style

One of the most attractive characteristics of country style is that it's interiors bloom with families history. They speak on behalf of the inhabitants about their mood, character, tastes and about simplicity of life in country.

Still, if i am to describe country style i will say - the recreation of the most eco-friendly and sustainable type of interior design.

The history of country style

We can easily state that country style was the first of all interior decorating styles. And for that very reason it wasn't taken into consideration by professional designers and architects for a long time. The society couldn't realize, that country style had it's own, home like color.

That is why it's own history in architectural and design world started only 40 years ago. Country style is tremendously cozy, calm and warm by it's nature. It represents comfort and reliability by combining casual elegance and practicality.

Influences and regions

Country style has many branches, because decorating elements of a country house depend on a country, region and culture of the inhabitants. There are English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Swedish and American Country styles. All of them share similar traits:

  1. Only all natural decorating materials are used, wood flooring, furniture, doors.
  2. There is always a red brick or stone fireplace.
  3. Woven mats and blankets made of scraps.
  4. Stone fire places with wooden shelves, exposed beams on the ceiling, forged decorating elements.
  5. Colorful and checkered or striped fabrics, handmade cross-stitched pillows and tablecloths.

A mixture of colors is relevant to a country style: a lot of deep, dense, warm colors are contrasted to bedding tones and white color. In any way color palette must look natural, imitating surrounding landscapes. Some designers are shure, that major colors must match green palette.

You have to consider type of ornaments, colors and patterns you choose, because this determines the type of a Country style.

A fire place

It is impossible to imagine an interior in country style without a fire place. It really does not matter if you make it of stone, red brick or buy in a supermarket. The fireplace will turn a house into a place of comfort. It will become a place of family meetings, gathering with friends or spending an evening by yourself in a cozy atmosphere.

A fire place counter may be a perfect place for a family photo frame exposition.

Color and tones

Walls of country houses were usually painted solid light colors. Nowadays this rule is preserved for bathrooms and kitchens. The walls in living room, bed room or dining room can be painted brighter colors: bright-brown, lemon, peach, vanilla. If you use wallpapers, choose them striped with a light geometrical or floral texture.

Country style walls are usually decorated with a base board or crown molding. A decorative wooden or wallpaper color matching panel may be used on the very bottom of the wall. This style comes straight from folks and it is intuitive or even naive. That is why there are no complicated ornaments - just straight floral motifs.

Solid color fabrics or fabrics with typical ornaments or elements for country style are selected for covering the furniture. Fabrics with very light colors are usually selected here as well as fabrics with a "milles fleurs"(thousand of flowers) - very dance scattering of tiny flowers.

Country style furniture

Talking about furniture for this style, it should be made of solid wood. Simple, high quality, solid furniture may be decorated with copper insights, wrought decorating details. Small couches and different kinds of armchairs make your design complete. They are usually upholstered with a solid color fabric or simple textured fabric, and not necessarily all of them are in the same theme.

For an American country style it is necessary to add atmosphere of a wild west. Leather details are a great help in reproducing the style as well as leather upholstery for the furniture. Oriental indian textile is very often used in this type if country style.

Family dining room must have a massive table with oval or round tabletop. Things that you or your grandparents inherited are very welcome in a country style decoration.

Roughly handmade furniture is acceptable in interiors as well. For example a big impact will have wrought furniture of proper dimensions and form. This furniture can be scattered around the house in no particular order. Other than this the furniture must be comfortable and practical.

Floor, ceiling, walls

The floor is covered with decorative stone, different kinds of hardwood floors, different types of wooden planks. The natural color palette in all it's majesty is common for a country style. Reduced tones of yellow, green, brown in combination with bedding colors of textile create an atmosphere of nature presence in interior decoration.

Wooden beams are a must be element in a country style decor. Though their presence is not necessary in every room. Wallpapers with a faded floral pattern or decorative plaster, a mural or simple paint, brick or stone walls - all are great for a country style.

Avoid using mirrors, chrome or other glossy parts. With all the advantages, they are not suitable for creating a comfortable and cozy ambience in a country style interior. Select china with mild and not too bright floral patterns or classic themes depicting country life. These sets may become a precious family relict, than can be inherited from generation to generation.

Walls can be decorated with simple artwork with landscapes, framed photographs.

Textile and accessories

The main part of creating the atmosphere in the country style is using of textile: variety of colors and textures, with bright and variegated ethnic and floral patterns.

Priority is given to natural fabrics - cotton fabrics, flax, wool, chintz. Therefore, we need to avoid complex draperies, which fully offset pattern and texture of fabrics.

Handmade is most important in the country style embroidered towels and pillows, quilts, braided rugs, woven shades "of grandmother's trunk".

Country style is impossible without these cute little things, created with love. Hand crafted items are very organic in the interior of a country style.

Hang on the walls unpretentious landscapes executed in watercolor, photos in frames or appetizing still life.

The final touches for the interior are flowers in pots, lush living and dried bouquets. Hydrangeas and roses, marigolds and daisies, arranged in simple vases everywhere from the hallway to the kitchen will add charm and tranquility of the house.

Lighting for Country style

It is not common to create a bright or colorful lighting design. Designers recommend to use warm yellow or white lighting, which should create and support cozy and warm atmosphere. Floor, table, suspended light fixtures are all good for this purpose as long as they disperse the light.

Keep up to the same strategy in selecting lighting fixtures - prefer old authentic staff, for example wrought iron chandeliers complimented by floor and table lamps with soft textile detailing. Stretch ceilings in a country style interior.

The biggest point in choosing stretch ceiling technology for your country style interior is that it is sustainable and an absolutely eco-friendly material. Even it's installation requires mainly hand labor without any type of glue, plaster, minimum of electricity.

The printable stretch canvas is made of fabric and fits any interior. With the ability to print any image, pattern, color of any tone and contrast, it becomes a powerful tool in your hands. Its acoustical characteristics make a room quieter as it absorbs sound waves, preventing echoing.

Decoration of wall and ceiling with help of stretched material with photo printing

White glossy stretch ceiling in living room

Glossy stretch ceiling with LED strip lighting

It does not absorb odors, mold growth resistant and can take sub zero temperatures. Stretch ceiling is an ideal solution for kitchens and bathrooms as well.

The summary of the style concept - comfort creation, simple beauty without interfering practicality and by most sustainability of decorating materials. Feeling of happiness, warm care, aroma of home made pastries - this is what matters in country style decoration.