How to create comfort in your basement with using only eco-materials?

The reason for organizing space in a basement for a gym, play room, storage, home theaters, billiards rooms based on a rational desire of homeowners to use the maximum of the space they own. To succeed in this you have to overcome several obstacles by choosing the correct lighting design, use proper decorating materials and get rid of humidity for good. Basement is one of the most challenging spaces to decorate and organize in your house, due to lower ceilings, lack of natural lighting and humidity.

We share with you some useful recommendations and valuable advice on how to create a cozy basement of any utilization purpose in your house.

Ways to get rid of mold and humidity?

Humidity causes many problems related to mold growth, accumulation of condensation. These are the reasons that affect your walls and ceilings in any way. The plaster starts to peal and crack, the seams start to appear as they absorb water. Allergy causing organisms start to breed. What makes it even worse? All of the above can shift into the house and cause more problems.

The major step we need to take is to get rid of the humidity:

  1. Heating and air conditioning system. The air must circulate constantly. Do not block vents.
  2. Demolish and remove molded and ruined by humidity plaster, drywall and other decorating materials.
  3. Replace the old materials with new - mold resistant.

It is reasonable to lay all this work in hands of professionals in interior renovation for a quality long lasting result.

As soon as the humidity is taken away from your basement, you can organize the space in many ways - create a safe and dry storage room, cozy playground, comfortable gym, billiards room or a karaoke bar.

What is the way to raise the ceiling height?

It is unreasonable to change your ceiling height with a high cost remodeling and renovation by rebuilding the basement when we have a wonderful material at our hand - stretch ceiling.

A visual effect is the key for a fast and relatively inexpensive change.

As a good example to prove the point would be a white solid color glossy stretch ceiling we used recently. It has a wonderful mirror effect that helped us to "raise the height" and visually expand the space. The effect is amazing, regardless we had to drop the actual level 1 inch down. It changed the ambience for a pleasant and lighter perception of the underground space.

White glossy solid color stretch ceiling in basement

There is one more very graphic and easy to use solution for fixing low ceilings fast. It is a printable architectural fabric. A brand new phenomenal material. Any wall or ceiling can turn into anything you want: blue sky, 3D effect image, ocean or city landscape.

This fantastic material is eco-friendly, it is green in any aspect, starting from manufacturing, shipping, packaging, installation, maintenance.

NYCeiling, Inc. uses this material to improve sound insulation in commercial and residential projects. With outstanding smooth surface, amazing graphic possibilities, green approach it is indeed a material of new century.

It is great for home theaters, karaoke rooms, play rooms, basements - any where! It is universal.

Blue glossy stretch ceiling in gym French solid white color glossy stretch ceiling in corridor Fabric seamless stretch ceiling with 3D print "Dark hole" and LED strip lighting

Any type of lighting, including most advanced LED lighting technology is a perfect match for the fabric. The whole ceiling or wall becomes an ambient light source with translucent stretch fabric with LED lighting behind it.

Ways to improve lighting in basement?

We took a big step since times when underground rooms were light by complicated mirror systems or candle lights.

We have an endless arsenal of lighting fixtures. We need to know how to use it to our full benefit and comfort. Lighting design is very important. One of the best ambient light solutions for basements would be LED lighting.

LED RGB lighting works in 4 color mode. It can be dimmed or shine bright. It is compact and easy to be applied in any space.

White floors, walls, ceiling

White color highlights both, either natural or electric lighting and makes rooms more spacious.This is a common rule that helps to decorate small, low ceiling, poorly lighted spaces.

If you are lucky enough to have windows, use light colors, keeping in mind that they reflect light, while dark colors absorb it.

White glossy solid color stretch ceiling in basement. Billiards room

Stretch ceiling technology offers a solution to any challenge in decorating a basement:

  • the material is durable, does not absorb moisture - no mold in any way.
  • glossy surface expands space visually and add more light into it - much spacier and lighter ambience.
  • all communications hide behind a smooth surface of the canvas - any lighting type and fixture integrates with stretch ceiling easy.
  • printable wall or ceiling covering has endless variations in decorating - fast, easy, no mess drastically change of your dull basement. Any basement can become a kids play room, home theater, dry storage, lounge, etc.
  • acoustic performance that comes with an amazing look is blow minding.

One more thing

Eco-friendliness and time efficiency in installation is outstanding. NYCeiling, Inc. is an American company that supports green international standards.

Manufacturing, delivery, packaging, installation, waste, maintenance - are eco-friendly. We use the least amount of materials in producing, transporting and least amount of energy in installation - the major work is done by hands.

Expert commentary

"The installation of stretch ceilings is dust free and has a major advantage, compared to drywall and plaster, in both aspects - time and impeccable finish result."

Alexander Laptseu