Protect your business from noise and make it sound!

"To attract and hold clientele - create an ambience". This rule is common for every restaurant owner, SPA center, retail store or a lounge owner. Every detail is considered with a sharp precision: outside and inside interior, air conditioning, furniture, lighting, staff uniform and with no doubts - sound insulation. Only ear friendly sound is considered to be appropriate: background music, live performance or speech. This is where we are facing two issues.

Silence, please!

Noise is an integral part of a developing city, district, community. And hiding indoors is one of the ways to escape it. To decrease noise level inside your cafe, restaurant, SPA center, reception hall or any other place is our issue number one.

Seamless ceiling systems is an all-round solution for voluminous rooms of stores or malls

To avoid this problem simply by adding other sounds will not help, because instead of relaxing background music or news channel you will get a mix of indoors and outdoors sounds adding into it echo and reverberation from concrete, drywall, plaster walls. Not a pleasant atmosphere.

Acoustic ceiling doesn't absorb odors. It is an elegant solution for restaurants, cafes, bars

That is why acoustic materials used by NYCeiling, Inc. are so useful in resolving this issue, they can reduce noise up to 20 dB. And after a room has received an acoustic treatment, we can enjoy the sounds of music or human speech.

Only the silent background and decent acoustics can compliment the sounds that are pleasant to hear.

Local Law №113

The second issue probably derives from the first. This is when your business is the noise source.

Your cafe is filled up with young crowd till late hours most of the week. This issue is not that critical if your business has no neighbors that can be bothered by the noise, in case you own a building and sure that no one is around to be disturbed.

Use photoprinting to get unique decor of ceilings and walls of the nightclub

There are businesses that share places and noise they produce becomes an issue for everybody. Whatever is not noisy enough for you is always more than enough for the neighborhood: residents, neighboring offices, toddlers and many others.

We can offer a large color range of DESCOR® acoustic fabric

Fines, constant complaints, calls from lawyers, paperwork this is the routine Mr. Patrick Whittle was facing before fixed his noise problem.

Any type of lighting can be installed

No one wants this kind of problems. Why do you still need to experience it if we have a brilliant solution to offer, how to protect your business from noise.

Expert commentary Aliaksandr Navitski

NYCeiling, Inc. installs an innovative acoustical treatment with an amazing look. Acoustical treatment is the architectural fabric with cotton isover panels. It absorbs sound that decreases sound and, all together, balances the acoustical characteristics of a premise.

The motive to use this material is very simple. Make your business more attractive, quitter, comfortable and esthetically magnetic and unique.

Aliaksandr Navitski

Acoustic adjustment:

Intense decrease of the sound level in reverberative rooms. Combined with Isover-glass wool:

  • aw = 1 – sound absorbing class A

Acoustic adjustment and sound insulation:

Combined with a plaster board and Isover-glass wool (4 inches thick) for sound insulating walls, partition walls, etc.:

  • aw = 1 – sound absorbing class A,
  • Rw higher or equal 35 dB.

Improved sound insulation:

The acoustic system contributes to a better sound insulation of the walls as well as a smaller transmittance of airborne and impact sounds. Additionally it affords a brilliant acoustic adjustment.

You can create an ambience that you wish and attract more customers that will appreciate your care.

Results of laboratory tests

Sound insulation grade according to DIN ISO 354: 2003-12. Test material: acoustic ceiling black/white

Sound insulation grade according to DIN ISO 354: 2003-12. Test material: acoustic ceiling printed

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