Ceiling with Swarovski crystals

We all want to posses a starry sky. We want it even more if it is pierced with Searovski crystals. We would like to tell you right now about amazing changes that can take place at your home for only two days, and stay for a long time delivering to you esthetic pleasure. We will take as a bright example one of our projects.

It's black and white

Homeowners were planning to add an unusual decorating solution to their bedroom. And so they did! The combination of two sharp contrasting colors of black and white was already a brave decision, but it was accompanied by an outstanding LED RGB lighting with something really unusual - tiny accents, scattered on the ceiling surface - Swarovski crystals.

Looking at this ceiling it seems unbelievable to create this beauty within two days. This is indeed possible!

Day one

A suspended frame was needed first to become a base for Swarovski crystals system and LED lighting. It also meant to be used as a box where all the communications would be hidden behind a black glossy stretch ceiling. That took most of the time on day one.

A black glossy canvas is stretched after all necessary equipment was installed and after that Swarovski crystals were safely set into custom made latches.

Day two

A white glossy ceiling has no seams and is installed as one piece across the whole perimeter, disregarding a decent size of the room. It surrounds the suspended black stretch ceiling panel as well.

A white molding installation with LED RGB lighting behind it would be the finishing stage of the project.

How does it look like?

We have created for you a virtual variant of the room to demonstrate the lighting options. Just browse and click the buttons with different lighting variations of the project. You will see the real look of the room on the photos. Please have a look at it by clicking HERE

What are the other variants of creating "Starry sky"?

There is a less exquisite variant of Starry sky technology with a more modest look. There is no Swarovski crystals, but optic fiber only.

The shimmering effect is achieved by the difference in brightness and intensity of light. There are two ways of placing optic fiber on the ceiling:
  • For the first option the optic fiber would be placed 3-5 inches below the ceiling surface, where each thread would shine and it's reflection would be reflected in a glossy texture of the stretch ceiling.
  • The threads would be level with the ceiling surface for the second variant.


All project's photos you can see on its page! We look forward to your feedback, questions and comments!