PhotoPrinting: House-Museum

If all our memories stayed as bright and vivid as a present moment, there would be no need in assembling family albums, record video and save it for our future, where we can share the moments with our family and friends. That would be great! All mobile storage devices wouldn't be in such a demand.

The first meeting with the designer of the project and NYCeiling, Inc. members was held in september of 2011. The owner is a big fan of hunting; he decided to build a hunter's mansion and put his trophies on display there.And as the gem of the interior decor he picked several photographs out of thousands that were taken by him and his family members in many parts of the world, as a great reminder of glorious and unforgettable adventures.

That was an idea, that has come to life due to modern technology, and work of many people eager to create extraordinary decorations.

That is when our team started to get into details: measuring, planning, drawing and calculating possible variants and apply our products possibilities, This is what we do for living and we were happy to get such an opportunity to do our best in making a great layout of photographs on the stretch fabric and cover walls and the ceiling.

We have got the blueprint and original photos and started our work: putting photos together, color correction, creating out of 9 pictures a united landscape.

After we confirmed all sizes and sketches, was sent for printing.

And after the tension profile system was installed we started to stretch the fabric.

Total footage of printed material was 3 429 sq.ft. The largest panel was 16 ft. x 39 ft., approximately 18 ft. more in length than the famous mural of Leonardo da Vinci "The Last supper". Any famous mural or fresco of this kind or any other image can be printed on the stretch fabric.

The next step was to precisely connect all ceiling panels and make them set sharply next to each other without any dislocation of the images.

NYCeiling staff is working on stretching other Descor fabric.

The front wall image depicting a snow peak mount was the first to be stretched after the completion of the ceiling.

The photos of a complete project will be added soon to the portfolio. We wait for your, questions, recommendations and comments!

Expert commentary

"Stretched canvas can cover the whole surface as well as be designed to fit a certain part of the wall or ceiling as a light box or a framed mural. It stands out from a line of other decorating materials such as wallpapers.

Wallpapers must be applied to a properly prepared wall, while stretch ceilings do not require that, wallpapers have seams, while stretch ceilings are seamless up to 16 feet wide.

Stretch ceilings are friendly to all light fixtures, it is customized, any size, any image, any pattern can be applied. You can easily change the shape of the room with it. As a result you get a sustainable and eco-friendly interior."

Alexander Laptseu