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The stand-alone building that was built in 1950 and served as a Kodak lab for secret government projects is located at 525 Bishop Street NW in Atlanta, Georgia is a retail destination that breaks away from the culture of luxury mall shopping by creating its own aesthetic universe.

The color palette and material selection is organic, hand-poured terrazzo floor, hand-applied plaster walls, all custom-designed fixtures and a massive black marble cash wrap serves an epicenter of the main floor is lit by a careful and thoutfll placement of 7 luminous stretch ceiling tunable white fixtures.

The lighting package included 24V CCT Led sheets, dmx controllers that allowed to create a truly realistic skylights with CRI 95. Seamless 16 foot diffusers distribute lights without a slight distortion. Wall washing fixtures installed on a 15 degree angle to conceal perimeter seam and create a floating skylight effect.

NY Ceiling was awarded to this project to accomplish architects vision who stands for creating a sense of place through an architectural expression that is earnest, tactile and memorable.

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Reflecting Elegance: Mirror Effect Stretch Ceilings Transform the NYC McDonald's Store.

Enhancing the Ambience: Translucent Luminous Stretch Ceilings with LED light in the NYC McDonald's Store.

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