Light from inside

There are many reasons why the installation of chandeliers, lamps or embedded lamps on the ceiling is not possible. The lack of necessary communications, small ceiling height, fragility of ceiling covers, etc. But every problem has a solution! Want to know more about this first?

The most modern and unique offer in the market is the translucent light panels from NYCeiling - exactly what you need! See yourself...

1. The light is where you want it to be

The simplicity and the uniqueness of the technology is that below a semi-transparent stretched canvas we can install everywhere and any number of LED-illumination stripes. 


By this way you can create spotlights exactly where you need and obtain economically rational and very original solution!

2. The light is everywhere and now

If there is no need to highlight certain areas in the interior, but the opposite - to cover all at once by light, the LED stripes are installed around the perimeter below the stretched ceiling canvas.


The effect should be recognized as impressive - such an unusual way, you can cover the work surfaces, corridors and shopping halls!

And if you select stretched canvas with drawing - your ceiling will accent the interior!

3. Light in the wall

Stretched canvas is so versatile decorative material, that you can make even the walls, screens and partitions really emit light. The material is stretched on a frame, which, by the way, can be of any geometric shape itself.


With this idea, your chandelier will look like none of designer chandeliers can!

Just think of any shape, any light, any printing on the material, any surface! It's simple and ingenious at the same time!

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