The way a kitchen ceiling should be

Homeowners know all the tricks in a proper space organization in the kitchen. It needs to be smart, comfortable, handy and beautiful. Let's say furniture and appliances are not a problem anymore, but a kitchen ceiling is still not an easy decision to make. Or is it?

Fire protection

The first thing that comes to our mind is the fire safety characteristics of decorating materials in the kitchen. Despite the fact, that manufacturers take a good care about their products' fire retardant qualities, we have to be very cautious as well.

Inattentiveness and disorganization of home owners are among top reasons in fire related accidents. Some one left a kettle on, forgot to hide matches or lighter from children, someone left a lit cigarette, etc.

Especially, a gas stove requires the most attention. Open flame can be blown by a gust of wind, foam coming from a casserole or a simple gas leak. All this tells us to pay attention and select only fire retardant decorating materials for kitchen, as well as for other rooms - starting from floors, ceilings and ending with furniture and accessories.

The safest way of insulating wires and connectors is a special device, that shuts off electrical power in case of emergency and slightest inconsistency in electrical network. For a personal safety it is required to have fire extinguishers at hand and fire alarms above your head.

An obvious advantage of stretch ceiling as a decorating material, that it is the easiest and simplest way to hide all imperfections of the existing ceiling and hide all wires and pipes if there are. The stretch canvas is fire retardant and has a fire certificate of class A.

Sound barrier in your kitchen

The kitchen is a space filled with home appliances, most of them are too noisy. Well, if you are a home owner it doesn't bother anyone but you how many did you create in the kitchen, but if you have neighbors right above you or behind the wall it is a different story.

The stretch ceiling absorbs air born sounds and reduces echo effect, but in combination with a proper insulation, which usually has an ugly appearance it's performance even better. It stops blocks the sound from coming in and out and on top of it the finish look is amazingly wonderful!

Another safety feature of the PVC glossy stretch ceiling, that it stops flooding from above. It does not absorb water at all, which stops it till it reaches 2.6 gallons on square foot. And after that the water is dumped out and the ceiling will stay remain in it's original shape with any significant loss of appearance. Please read more about our repair of the ceiling after hurricane "Sandy".

Eco-friendliness and maintenance of the ceiling

The kitchen is a place for cooking and not the place for chemically treated decorating materials that would through harmful substances into air with a constant contact with steam and humidity. These materials would start lacking appearance, start deteriorate, crack and peal.

Stretch ceilings and wall coverings are a perfect solution for this condition.

  • Traditional drywall cracks and it's finish look is far as not as perfect as the stretch ceiling finish.
  • Pop-corn ceilings are ugly and have a very cheap look. Moreover it is hard to get rid of them, as they are harmful.

Besides a perfect finish, stretch ceilings is a green product, even it's manufacturing complies with environmental protection rules and regulations.

It is an unbelievably easy maintainable material: does not absorb smells, it's anti static, which means dust won't accumulate on it, dirt is wiped out with a wet cloth.

Kitchen lighting is friendly to stretch ceilings

All zones must be lit in the kitchen for a comfortable cooking. More often we use spot lights for accent lighting and chandeliers for ambient lighting.

Whichever lighting fixtures you choose and no matter how many of those - they are an easy fit in stretch wall and ceiling covering. All wires and connectors will be hidden behind the fabric, you can do as many cuts through the stretch ceiling as you want with no damage and quality loss. It is the easiest decorating material to work with.

The most beautiful and technically perfect finish yet

When we have settled down all major issues with sound proofing, wiring, lighting, maintenance, safety of the ceiling and walls it is about time to think of the beauty and esthetic impact the decorating wall and ceiling material is going to make.

Most designers advice is to choose light tones and colors for a kitchen's ceiling. It adds more light and makes the kitchen brighter and more cozy. If the ceilings are low, there is a solution to visually expand space - glossy stretch ceilings.

And it would definitely become the gem of your kitchen decor.

There is always an exception to the rule. A bright ceiling or wall might be something that you always wanted to have in your kitchen. It is easily affordable with a new technology of high definition digital printing on stretch ceiling canvas. This phenomenal feature creates endless possibilities for a designer.

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