What is it like to be a designer?

Our company came to a conclusion, that designers experience difficulties with every project they work on, no matter how much prep work was done prior to the actual realization of it. These difficulties are normal, because there are so many materials and techniques involved, that should sound together. As the result many projects do not come out just the way they were planned.

It is not only a budget, knowledge, time. Design is a creation of a piece of art. Designers are very creative and competitive, and there is no a designer who would like to copy someone's job. NYCeiling wants yo share some thoughts and practical advises based on our own experience. In my opinion, this article would be interesting and helpful for you!

o be a designer is easy when you love it!

Your life becomes a constant inspirational journey, full of adventures and hunt for knowledge, chase after contemporary techniques, innovative materials with one goal - to reach the top of Olympus and become a god-like designer, with blooming ideas, sparkling creativeness, solid knowledge, so you can nail all kinds of designs and become a role model for the rest.

We have been working with traditional materials for 8 years, doing renovations and remodeling in NY area, till we found a brilliant innovative material, a brand new product for american market, that german manufacturer's came up with - stretch wall and ceiling coverings.

The product that was created to satisfy all needs of architects and designers. A project planned by you comes out just the way you want it to be in a matter of days.

Play with form and space

Great Gaudy broke the rules of architecture and followed his brave imagination.

His projects are outstanding. They are perfectly thought into details. Because of perseverance in looking for new techniques, his works looked like never seen before, natural materials he used came to life.

We came up with a new sustainable product that brings your imagination to life in the easiest way. Any shape of any advanced level comes to life in your hands with the help of stretch ceilings.

Use texture and color to be one step forward and be innovative

Modern high definition digital printing technologies, sustainable architectural fabric with a fine texture and professional techniques are at your service to make your design possibilities infinite.

Any image can be printed on the material, any color or tone can be applied to the same material, all possibilities are in one place, in one amazing product.

Use same material and at the same time come up with different result.

You need a translucent wall or ceiling with LED light coming through your wall or ceiling, an acoustical room with a fine texture and particular color or graphic design, solid color walls or ceilings with a perfect, smooth, seamless surface, that does not crack or peal and comes with a 10 year manufacturer's warranty - it is all one product. It is simply amazing!

Interactivity and individualism

Impressionism blew up traditional art, but not with it's manner of painting, but with it's approach towards the process of being artistic. Everything around us is moving and can not be static. Movement is life.

A person in 21 century needs a dynamic movement, he wants to grow and open new doors. Society changes in many ways today, and a desire to be a part of this life, follow trends, be modern, but at the same time to preserve individuality go along together.

Lighting variations and high definition digital photo printing on stretch ceilings in your projects make you feel comfortable in materialization of your plans and sketches. It is fast and easy now to create individual projects, fulfill your client's wishes and make customized interiors in a short period of time.

It's so much easier to experiment and find your style, make every project individual - this would be the only way to attract attention of professional community and receive positive feedback from critics and clients. Just imagine...

Sustainable art

Efforts to modify and conquer nature are usually harmful for the planet Earth cause lot's of damage and destruction. To the opposite, what is made by nature lasts for centuries and epochs.

The manufacturing of stretch ceilings is done under international ecological standards, as well as the product itself is sustainable and requires the least energy cost for it's transportation and installation.

The material is fire retardant, water repellent, has the highest acoustical characteristics in the field of interior decorating materials and is maintenance free.

Your stretch ceiling will stay for years unchanged and will always be a pleasure for an eye. All you have to do is just imagine...

We know how to make things right!

Always by your side. NYCeiling, Inc.

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