American Style (part 2)

We continue the story of how to create an interior in the American style.

Light in American style interior

Light as one of important components of the American interior must completely cover the space. So, it will be better if you make big windows and choose lightweight, transparent fabrics to allow warm sun rays fill the room as much as possible!

At the same time we recommended to you to provide a good artificial lighting for functional areas at the dark time of day. It will be a very practical and cost-effective measure.

Well-thought-out decor of American style

Unlike other interior styles, American style does not tend to accumulate its "own" kind of decor. Quite the opposite: there are very small amount of things and trinkets in American interior, and if they are present, often they must be expensive antique things or original art objects.

The fact is that on the one hand, the purpose of the interior is to impress, so every detail in the apartment or house will be important.

On the other - the interior should reflect the personality of its owners and stay away from stereotypes and fashion trends.

Knowing this the designer will need to find the fine line between comfort and superfluity at choosing of decoration items to create an interior in American style.

The ceiling in the American style

As for the ceiling, the most modern and high-quality material for its decor is considered to be stretched canvas. The texture of stretch ceiling can be each and any: glossy or translucent with photo printing or matte etc.

There are really a lot of options for imagination. This means you can feel free to experiment with a basic interior. Go for it!


You have to understand that if you choose the American style for your interior, its comfort and practicality are not directed primarily inward, like Asian-styled interior, they are directed outward.

The interior will not only reflect tastes and preferences of its owners, but also show the social status and financial situation of the family in the first place.

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