The interior in Japanese style (part 2)

We continue the story of how to create an interior in the Japanese style.

The furniture in the Japanese style or what is meant to be “the furniture”...

Furniture and other interior objects in the Japanese style are visually absent - there is only what is necessary. Moreover, the arrangement of furniture is also subject to the general philosophy of style.

For example, since the main compositional center of the classic Japanese house is the center of the home, there is usually a squat table for meals.

The living area contains "the pit" (a niche in the floor) where a sofa is placed with mattress stuffed with soft cotton – “futon”.

Niches in the walls completely replace cabinets. Special niche with a window and a windowsill serves as a table for reading and writing (tsuke-shoin).

In the place of “bedroom” the role of the bed is played by soft thick mat covered by futon. A small wooden stand is used instead of cushion.

Actually, this is where the "furniture" ends, so if you will choose this style for your home, you will definitely save on this expense sheet.

Traditional Japanese style decor

The basic materials and objects of Japanese decor are rice paper, ceramics and bamboo, as well as a combination of black and deep red colors in the objects: fans, dolls, thick mat with a beautiful pattern (tatami), wall panels, vases, paintings and calligraphy scrolls painted on wall screens (fusuma).


For lighting purposes and "night and day" contrasts in the room man use wall and floor lamps with lampshades made of rice paper or silk - they give a soft diffused light.

Artificial lighting is used only at night, while during the day, due to the opening of external screens, the room is filled with sunlight.

Who needs this style?

Unlike other styles of interior, Japanese style has no rules, he has his own philosophy.

Therefore, if you are fun and a person who is ready to plunge headlong into the mysterious world of the rising sun - you may try to get on with such an interior.

But no one interdicts to use its best particles in European tradition decor anyway.

Japanese style in the interior is opposite to the sunshine, luxury and desire to impress.

If you are tired of the splendor of classicism and you want to bring some orderliness, harmony, tranquility, simplicity into your home , and to be closer to something natural - Japanese style suits your worldview as well as possible.

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