High gloss ceiling installation

The Designer Show House of New York


123 Washington Street, 55th & 56th floors New York, NY 10006

Date May 2014
Decor Object Suspended panel, ceiling.
Photo Print no
Project Size 12’ x 12’
Project Time Frame 4 hours
Difficulty Level
Ceiling texture High gloss
Type of Track ceiling type
Lighting no

Imagine living in one of the eminent buildings of New York City. Now add in the best views and some of the finest interior design. That’s what the lucky residents of the W experience on a daily basis. Now we all have the opportunity to get a feel for what it’s like living in this luxurious building by visiting The Designer Show House of New York.

We selected glossy stretch ceiling for this project because it has a number of advantages in front of other decorating materials for bedroom ceiling renovation:

  • Eco-friendliness and sustainability - fast and clean installation as well as maintenance free exploitation.
  • Static free - does not accumulate dust.
  • Mold free - there is no mold growth on the ceiling, as well as no condensate.
  • Glossy surface - visually expands bedroom space.